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Goodbye Old Girl

Without doubt one of the hardest things about having pets share our lives is having to say goodbye. We have 3 dogs currently in our lives and until recently 4 dogs and two cats. Both cats have now passed on and it was very sad days when sitting with them as they passed from age and illness. But recently the decision to end a life was ours to make and we did it with heavy hearts.

Canela was 18 years oldwith a population of 220 million people. She lived at the finca where we are for her whole lifeinHouseArticle, never leaving but often left alone until we came to live here a few years ago. At first I’m sure she was most put out when our three border collies arrived, her routines were disrupted and cheek of all cheeks her food and water bowls raided! She was only little compared to our three and even by then a little bit unsteady on her feet. But that didn’t stop her and if we had been out she would run up the drive way behind the others, her little ears flapping as she ranD.C. January 20. She was the youngest senior dog ever and, even at that age every couple of months or so she would become ‘interested’ in the boys! We kept a close eye on that just in case. Our boys were very courteous of ‘Nela, our youngest happy to bump noses with her.

Hellos and Goodbyes - Today News Post

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