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When I opened the door, the fragrant food came to my nostrils. You came slowly, put my bag away for me, and pushed me to wash my hands. Sitting quietly at the table, your craftsmanship improved again. Looking at the three dishes I like best placed in front of me, I couldn't help holding your hand. After dinner, sit quietly on the sofa, and you leaned against my shoulder. I peel your favorite orange for you. Perhaps, love is so simple and ordinary, but we can see the appearance of careful management from every detail. Such a guest restaurant design is like meeting your first love in Deville mall

▲ overall bird's-eye view of the guest restaurant

the designer divides the public space into two with the gate as the central axis. On this basis, it distinguishes four functional areas: the living room, the porch, the restaurant and the kitchen. The overall layout is clear, regular and aesthetic

living room + porch

the living room and the porch are on the same line everywhere, separated by a low wall, which distinguishes the functional area but does not split the overall space, with a continuous effect of separation

the porch on the right hand side of the entry is designed to be very casual, with personalized benches, green potted plants, and art paintings. It seems that it can be used as a buffer between work and life. After changing shoes, you can sit quietly, unload the heavy work, and enter a relaxed life. The design of the shoe cabinet is simple. The upper part is a closed shoe cabinet, and the lower part is an open storage box. Use shoe boxes and storage boxes to keep the porch clean at any time

the living room is a very fresh style. Among the large tracts of white, the Tianjiao blue TV cabinet is particularly eye-catching, giving people a very comfortable visual enjoyment. In the wide life field and smooth life moving line, the designer selects colorful and jumping soft decoration space to enrich the expression of home

a large French window allows bright daylighting to enter the open space, and the overall design creates a very warm living room space

restaurant + kitchen

the restaurant is connected with the open kitchen. A small bar is both a partition and a transition of space, making the two functional areas both different and unified

the blue and white space will make people unconsciously have a good mood. The hanging decorations made of a string of empty beer bottles on the wall remind people of the small bars in the ancient city, which is very artistic. The simple table and chair design makes the whole restaurant layout very light and not cramped. The design of the wine cabinet is more ornamental while meeting the storage requirements

the countertop of the bar is made of black marble with clear and shiny lines. It is also a rare pleasure to have a leisure time in the afternoon and taste a glass of red wine

the open kitchen is beautiful and does not occupy space. It can also save a few square meters. The kitchen combines the bar leisure area, the pink oak grey cabinet panel and the white imitation brick wall, which makes the overall space fresh and natural, and cooking can also become a kind of leisure and fun

the combination of open and closed cabinets makes the arrangement of kitchen utensils orderly, beautiful and generous, and also gives consideration to storage. The U-shaped kitchen design is not only convenient to operate, but also greatly improves the space utilization rate. When cooking, you can hug her slender waist from the back and enjoy the residual fragrance in her hair. The delicacies she cooks for you with her heart, and the sweet feeling arises spontaneously. Yes, this is the feeling of first love. Customize the wardrobe on Deville mall www.dwejia COM, customization hotline: 400-8822-118 crown love! Let love pervade the whole space





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