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For half package decoration, the employer shall purchase main materials and the Contractor shall purchase auxiliary materials. Therefore, the signing of the half package decoration contract should be more careful. In order to avoid the decoration trap, let's talk about some precautions for signing the decoration half contract today

1. Material purchase

half package decoration is to let the decoration company be responsible for purchasing auxiliary materials. However, the boundaries of some auxiliary materials are relatively vague. If we do not confirm with the decoration company in advance which materials should be purchased by them, there will not only be material shortages and construction delays, but also disputes between the two parties. Therefore, the auxiliary materials that need to be purchased by the decoration company must be clearly stated in the half package decoration contract. In addition, the quality of materials must be guaranteed, and it should be noted in the decoration half contract that the materials should meet national standards

2. Construction period

the half package decoration contract should not only specify the construction period to the day, but also indicate the total construction period of how many days. Sometimes the construction period will be delayed in the decoration, so everyone should indicate the responsibility for the delay of the decoration project in the contract, including the delay caused by the employer and the delay caused by the contractor. Because the decoration half contract should uphold fairness and justice, no matter which party violates the contract, it should be responsible

3. Payment method

the decoration cost is not paid in a lump sum in the home decoration, so we should clearly understand which type of work to complete and how much to pay in the half package decoration contract. Of course, payment is based on the premise of qualified construction. How can decoration save more money? On, free design budget quotation. Therefore, the payment after the acceptance of materials and processes should be written in the decoration half contract. When all the construction has been completed and passed the acceptance, we should pay the balance within the time limit specified in the contract

4. Supervisor

there is usually a supervisor to supervise the quality of the project in the decoration. Generally speaking, the supervisor is independent of the construction team, but if the construction team proposes to provide the supervisor, we should sign a supervisor contract with the construction team





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