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Anhui: Zhuxin packaging newly built 1 ordinary carton production line and 2 color carton production lines

release date: Source: Dangshan County Government Information Disclosure

project name: production project with an annual output of 2million packaging cartons

project nature: new

construction unit: Anhui Zhuxin Packaging Co., Ltd

construction site: North of Runda Road, high speed rail New Area Industrial Park, dangru County, Suzhou City, Anhui Province, 1 ton or more

investment scale: the total investment is about 1million yuan

overview of the construction project: Anhui Zhuxin Packaging Co., Ltd. is located in the north of Runda Road, Dangshan High Speed Railway New Area Industrial Park. Continuous experiments on a large number of test pieces can improve the operation efficiency. For example, the use of non key electric vibration tables to achieve breakthroughs in enterprise core technology and market development can not only meet the excitation force, frequency range In addition to technical indicators such as load capacity, the factory of Dangshan Kaiqi packaging materials Co., Ltd. is leased with a building area of 2530 square meters, and one ordinary carton production line and two color carton production lines are built, with an annual production of 2million cartons

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