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Anhui 500kV huaisu substation won the 2008 "Luban Award for China Construction Engineering". On November 26, the China Construction Industry Association issued the notice on publishing the selection results of the 2008 China Construction Engineering Luban Award (national high-quality project) with the "Construction Association [2008] No. 39 document", and Anhui 500kV huaisu substation project won the 2008 "Luban Award for China Construction Engineering". This is the first time that Anhui power transmission and transformation project won the title of "Luban Award". In the list of 2008 Luban Award for China's construction projects, 98 construction projects across the country have won this honor, and the 500 kV huaisu substation is the only power transmission and transformation project that has won this honor

the "Luban Award for China Construction Engineering" founded in 1987 is the highest honor for the quality of Construction Engineering in China, and is known as the "Oscar" in China's construction industry. In 1996, the Ministry of construction merged the "China Construction Engineering Luban Award" and the "National High Quality Engineering Award" established by the Ministry of construction, and named them "China Construction Engineering Luban Award (National High Quality Engineering)", which was selected by the China Construction Industry Association and submitted to the Ministry of construction for approval


500 kV huaisu substation is invested and constructed by Anhui electric power company, designed by Anhui Electric Power Design Institute, and constructed by Anhui power transmission and transformation engineering company. Anhui Electric Power Engineering Supervision Co., Ltd. can quickly carry out the supervision of batch inspection companies, and the operation and maintenance of Anhui Huaibei Power Supply Company. The substation is located in Gurao Town, Lieshan District, Huaibei City. It is an important node at the head of the 500 kV East Passage Project of "Anhui power to the East" and a gateway for the transmission of power energy from Huaihe Suzhou area to East China. The substation covers an area of 5.73 hectares, with a total construction area of 1248 square meters and a total investment of 198million yuan. One set of 750 MVA main transformer is installed in this phase, with 4 loops of 500 kV outgoing lines and 8 loops of 220 kV outgoing lines. On june25,2006, the construction of huaisu substation was officially started, which opened the prelude to the construction of Anhui Electric east channel. On august3,2007, it was put into operation and power transmission. Since the station was put into operation, it has been operating safely for more than 400 days, with a cumulative power transmission of 7billion kwh. While effectively easing the shortage of power resources in East China, it has also completely solved the power shortage problem in the 220 kV area of Huaibei City for many years, with remarkable economic and social benefits

before the commencement of the project, Anhui electric power company established the goal of "putting into production up to the standard and striving for Luban Prize", comprehensively planned and deployed the excellence creation work, set up key process quality control points, and carried out strict process control and management, so that the project quality reached the concept of "saving, environmental protection, innovation and harmony", A large number of energy-saving technologies and environmental friendly materials are adopted. The certification scope provided by Lloyd's Quality Certification Co., Ltd. covers all process materials of PEEK polymer compound pellets (containing polymers and fillers) from pellet production to shipment, and actively promotes "ten new technologies in the construction industry" and "key application new technologies of State Grid". By adopting such optimization schemes as stepped layout, large-scale combined structure, protection local layout, and merger of relevant machine rooms, the land occupation has been reduced by 0.97 hectares and the investment has been saved by nearly 12million yuan. The building is cleverly integrated into the Huizhou architectural style, with novel and unique shape and simple and generous decoration. In terms of project quality control, the quality objective is to create a "national high-quality project", and the overall idea is "planning in advance, model leading, and one-time excellence". It is also used in the production of suture, carrying out technological innovation, adopting advanced technology, strengthening process control, strict quality inspection, and realizing high-quality process. During the construction, 8 new construction technologies and 7 independent innovation technologies were adopted. At the review and comment meeting in mid September, the expert group spoke highly of the project construction quality: the decoration is simple and lively, the construction technology is exquisite, the data are complete and standardized, and the overall project quality is comprehensively assessed as "excellent"

the strict project management mode, the whole process zero defect management and the strong sense of excellence have enabled the 500kV huaisu substation project to successively win the China Power Engineering excellent design award, the first place in the 2007 safety and quality management competition of the State Power Corporation of China (the mobile red flag for safety management of Substation Engineering), the first place in the high-quality power transmission and transformation project of the State Power Corporation of China, the first place in the power transmission and transformation project of the China Power Quality Engineering Award Huaibei construction project "Xiangshan Cup" and other honors, and the QC team won the 2008 China power construction excellent quality management team award

500 leading enterprises have not yet won the "Luban Award" for kilovolt huaisu substation, which fills the gap in the quality award for power transmission and transformation projects of Anhui electric power company and achieves a breakthrough of zero "Luban Award" for power transmission and transformation. The establishment of "Luban Prize" has effectively promoted the improvement of the overall quality level of Anhui power infrastructure projects

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