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On December 21, according to the data, the quotation of aniline manufacturers was at yuan/ton, and some transactions were slightly lower at yuan/ton

in recent years, due to smooth downstream demand, domestic aniline production capacity has expanded rapidly. However, with the centralized start-up of Ningbo Wanhua and other new devices at the end of the year, and the downstream demand also entered the traditional off-season, the subsequent shipment began to show pressure gradually. The market also adopted the policy of "limiting production and ensuring price" again to stabilize the market price. Most aniline enterprises chose to stop or reduce the load to reduce the supply, but the external quotation remained at the level of 12000 yuan/ton. Nevertheless, in, domestic aniline manufacturers will resume the trend of expanding production and building new ones

prices remain high

this year is the last year of the eleventh five year plan to achieve energy conservation and emission reduction goals. In January this year, some aniline enterprises in East China saw a slight decrease in their operating load due to the impact of energy conservation, emission reduction and power restriction. In addition, due to the frequent shutdown due to power limitation of chlor alkali, a high energy consuming device, some aniline devices lacked hydrogen supply and started unsteadily. As a whole, the supply decreased, while the increase in demand led to an obvious shortage of aniline Market in January

up to now, MDI of main downstream products has been well started. In addition, the operating rate of downstream such as additives and reactive dyes has rebounded significantly, and new downstream demands such as other gasoline additives have also increased the amount of aniline. Therefore, although the pure benzene market fluctuated up and down, the aniline price continued to remain high and stable, creating a precedent that has not been adjusted with the pure benzene market shock since this year, and stabilizing the high-level operation pattern for a long time

the price difference between aniline and pure benzene is relatively high, and the aniline manufacturers are profitable. Most manufacturers try to ensure the supply of raw materials and hydrogen for aniline manufacturers, and the operating rate remains at a high level

according to e-trade information, the overall operating rate of aniline in previous years was about 60%-65%, while most domestic aniline factories said that the operating rate was high in 2010. It is expected that if the recording paper of universal testing machine is not available, the overall operating rate will reach about 75% in 10 years

aniline is an important chemical raw material, which is mainly used in medicine and rubber vulcanization accelerator. It is also the raw material for manufacturing resins and coatings

the next year will usher in the tide of production expansion

although the domestic aniline production capacity has expanded rapidly in recent years, the downstream demand is smooth. In the field of MDI and rubber additives, the normal operating specifications of the experimental machine have been changed to a certain extent. At the same time, some new downstream demands such as gasoline additives also need to consume part of the output. Compared with 2009, 201 male members will go to the destination at about 11:00 p.m. and the aniline output has increased significantly in 10 years

in, domestic aniline manufacturers will resume the trend of expanding production and building new ones. According to incomplete statistics of e-trade information, 360000 T/a equipment built by Ningbo Wanhua was put into operation at the end of 2010. In addition, there are 180000 T/a equipment of Jilin Cornell phase II, 360000 T/a equipment under construction in Tongliao, Inner Mongolia, and new 200000 t/a equipment to be built by Jinling group

it is estimated by e-trade that by the end of 2012, the domestic new production capacity will reach about 1.6 million tons, and then the domestic production capacity will exceed 2.5 million tons. The rapid growth of production capacity needs to be supported by the synchronous development of downstream. The excess production capacity will once again test the stability of the medium and long-term market

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