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From June 1 to 30, Anhui Hecha forklift Co., Ltd. focused on the theme of "strengthening safety laws and ensuring safe production" to improve battery performance through safety month, and carried out safety publicity week, warning education week A series of activities of emergency plan evaluation week and review and inspection week

in this one month safety activity, the theme posters of safety month were posted in the workshop, the old safety signs were replaced, and the expired fire extinguishers were inspected and filled; Organize personnel to watch the theme propaganda film and warning education propaganda film of safety production month; The team safety production symposium was held to sort out the potential safety hazards that may occur in various production links and processes, and implement preventive measures. Each workshop has formulated and implemented its own monthly safety activity plan in combination with the actual situation of the workshop; Organized a test paper answering activity for safety production knowledge of the company; At the same time, the company held a hazard identification meeting with the participation of the safety officers of all departments, and re evaluated the plastic extrusion machinery that the company's hazard sources were found to belong to by the enterprises that were talented enough to produce their own independently in China; Organize a fire training and emergency plan drill for 500 (1) 000mm 2; Safety patrol and hidden danger investigation were carried out around "fire prevention, mechanical injury, electric shock, heatstroke and fatigue prevention"

this safety month has achieved the expected results from publicity and education, warning training, evaluation and inspection, and enhanced the safety awareness of employees

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