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Anhui Hecha: expert system review improves brand integration

Anhui Hecha: expert system review improves brand integration

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from April 22 to 24, Mr. Yanxia and Mr. Nozawa, quality headquarters of UC group, and Mr. Shangshan, head of Quality Department of youjiali forklift (Anhui Anhui Anhui) Co., Ltd. (UCCA), made a survey on the quality management system, production site After sales service system (ASES) was reviewed for three days. Zhang Lin, general manager of Anhui Hecha and the heads of relevant production departments accompanied Mr. Yanxia and Mr. Nozawa to visit the production site of Anhui Hecha

Anhui Hecha: expert system review enhances brand integration

at the review seminar, UC group experts affirmed Anhui Hecha's ases, which conforms to UC group's standards on ases, and analyzed and guided Anhui Hecha's ases from the aspects of manufacturing process, workshop quality inspection, supplier management, production management, Kanban management, market feedback, etc. compared with the previous fiscal year, hoping that Anhui Hecha's ases would be more perfect. Zhang Lin, general manager, thanked the experts of UC group for their coming. He pointed out that Anhui Hecha will continue to enhance the quality control and lean management level in terms of customized management, visual management and on-site management, so as to achieve the normalization of quality management; Continue to strengthen the market feedback survey and the training of relevant personnel, improve the after-sales service level, and improve the strength of Anhui Hecha brand; Continue to promote the PMI docking between Anhui Hecha and UC group, and enhance the brand integration of both sides through review, exchange and other forms

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