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The capacity of Anhui San'an optoelectronics was gradually released, and the main business of San'an optoelectronics increased significantly.

the source of San'an optoelectronics said that the substantial growth of the company's main business was due to the gradual release of the capacity of Anhui San'an optoelectronics, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company

San'an optoelectronics, which has just acquired the US photovoltaic company, only accounts for about 10% of the steel used for construction. In the half year of 2012, San'an optoelectronics achieved an operating profit of about 340million yuan and a net profit of about 466million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 1.55% and a year-on-year increase of 94.44% after deduction

under the influence of the economic environment, the price fluctuation of some chips has decreased, and the production capacity of San'an optoelectronic chips has expanded, resulting in a significant increase in the company's main business. At the same time, the scale effect of reducing production costs has not been fully reflected

an insider of San'an optoelectronics said: "the company is speeding up the production of Anhui San'an Optoelectronics Equipment. It is expected that the equipment will be put into operation this year, and the equipment capacity is gradually released. According to the characteristics of the company's production line, it is expected that the capacity should be truly released in the later period when the environment changes little."

On August 9, San'an optoelectronics released its 2012 semi annual report, saying that in the first half of the year, the company realized a net profit of about 466million yuan. The three major Honeywell business groups have settled in China yuan, and the net profit after deduction is about 304million yuan

a person from San'an optoelectronics said: "the substantial increase in the company's main business profit is mainly due to the gradual release of the production capacity of Anhui San'an, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company."

analysts from China Investment Securities pointed out that San'an optoelectronics has established its leading position in domestic LED chips after nearly two years of scale expansion and technical breakthrough. The national led 12th Five year plan proposes that the localization chip rate should reach 80%, and San'an optoelectronics will become this. 2. Sensor: sensor is an important component of the precision and force measuring stability of the experimental machine - the most important carrier of the national strategy. 6. Limit switch and emergency switch [limit SW, emergency sw], San'an optoelectronics is in a period of performance improvement

the above-mentioned person from San'an optoelectronics told: "at present, more than 80 sets of MOCVD equipment of the company have been put into operation successively. After deducting the R & D part, about 100 sets have been put into operation successively this year. The gradual release of production capacity truly reflects the performance in the third and fourth quarters."

in addition, on August 7, San'an optoelectronics Co., Ltd. held 60% of the subsidiary Rixin PV, and purchased the relevant industrial assets, intellectual property rights, proprietary technology and other interests owned by Emcore Corporation, a US photovoltaic company, for us $1000, and selected and hired its employees

insiders said that at present, the photovoltaic industry needs a lot of research funds and talents. Last year, the "double anti" investigation in the United States conducted "anti-dumping" and "countervailing" against Chinese photovoltaic products. The price of the photovoltaic industry chain fell, and the acquisition and expansion of powerful enterprises occupied the right to speak

led subsidy policy issued

recently, several LED downstream enterprises in Shenzhen have closed down. Insiders pointed out that: "the industry concentration has increased. Stimulated by the policy, the LED industry has warmed up, the industrial layout of powerful enterprises has expanded, and the downstream weak enterprises are shuffling." This shows that the technical barriers in this industry are very high, and the strong are always strong

on August 10, the Ministry of science and technology and the State Council announced the 12th Five Year special plan for the development of semiconductor lighting technology and the 12th Five year development plan for energy conservation and environmental protection industry respectively, and put forward the expected goals of the semiconductor lighting industry before 2015, including the market share of LED general lighting, LED backlight, LED landscape lighting, the overall output value of the semiconductor industry and annual power savings

in order to achieve the goal of semiconductor lighting in the 12th Five Year Plan, the government proposed two subsidy policies in 2012. One is the 2012 financial subsidy promotion project for semiconductor lighting products. This subsidy is to select several enterprises and their LED products through bidding, and the government will provide subsidies for these enterprises, which is also equivalent to indirectly providing procurement subsidies for these units' LED lighting

another subsidy policy is the "subsidy policy for energy-saving products". The State Council has prepared a budget of 36.3 billion yuan to subsidize four categories of energy-saving products: energy-saving household appliances, energy-saving automobiles, high-efficiency motors and energy-saving lamps, and LED lamps. Among them, LED TV and LED lamps in energy-saving household appliances are projects related to the LED industry

it is reported that although the relevant subsidy amount and detailed rules for LED lights have not been worked out, it has been determined that the products that meet the standard in terms of LED TV can receive a subsidy of up to RMB 400 per set

relevant departments pointed out that these two subsidies can not only promote energy conservation and carbon reduction, strengthen the energy-saving concept of manufacturers, but also promote the development of LED industry. Manufacturers also expect to obtain government subsidies to expand their business territory. With the guidance of many policies, the LED industry will develop at a high speed

called Wuhu Municipal Government on the future development of San'an optoelectronics, and the relevant staff told: "the national led 12th Five year plan proposes that the localization chip rate should reach 80%, which does not rule out the possibility of continuing to provide financial subsidies to San'an." Zhonghua glass () Department

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