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App with an annual capacity of 5million tons will build the world's largest paper mill in India

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core tips: [China Packaging News] according to the report of mictimes on January 6, local time, theecono should first take the resource-saving development path, asiapulppaperco., an Indonesian pulp and paper giant, Ltd. (APP) will be in prakas

[China Packaging News] according to the report of theeconomictimes on January 6 local time, asiapulp paperco., an Indonesian pulp and paper giant, Ltd. (APP) will build a new paper mill in ramayapatnam, prakasam District, India. The annual production capacity of the mill will reach 5million tons. It will be the largest paper mill not only in India, but also in the world

the total investment of the project will reach 3.5 billion US dollars (about 2450 billion rupees), which is the largest foreign direct investment project in the history of green space investment projects in India

app has identified a 2500 acre land in the coastal area of prakasam for the project. The project plans to create about 15000 direct and indirect jobs. It is reported that the factory will produce packaging paper, special paper and writing and printing paper

jkrishnakishore, chief executive officer of Andhra Pradesh economic development authority, said: "we will cooperate with the Indian investment authority to ensure that the project obtains all permits within 12 months (up to December 2019), including the most important environmental permits."

"this will be the largest paper mill in India so far." Rohitpandit, Secretary General of the indianpapermanufacturersassociation, said that there are many reasons for the friction resistance of the dynamometer. In the past four to five years, the development of India's paper industry has been under heavy pressure because of the shortage of raw materials and the import tax rate of 0% under the free trade agreement signed by India, especially the imported products from ASEAN countries and South Korea

kisho, so I think we can help solve this problem. Re said that the land acquisition of the project is in progress. "The government has purchased more than 50% of the land required for the project and is in the process of acquiring the rest of the land. App executives have also visited the land for more than a dozen times, "The head of the Andhra Pradesh Economic Development Bureau added.

it is also reported that on January 9 local time, app has officially signed a memorandum of understanding with the local government. The official of the Andhra Pradesh Economic Development Bureau said that app chose to build a factory in Andhra Pradesh and took a fancy to the land near the coast of the state, which is convenient for both importing raw materials and exporting base paper to a huge market like China

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