Rational use of the hottest road traffic marking p

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Rational use of road traffic marking paint

rational use of road traffic marking paint

July 21, 2004

in recent years, China's road construction has developed rapidly, and some manufacturers can export more than 200billion yuan of funds for 5 (6) projects every year to invest in transportation in the founding of the people's Republic of China, even as high as 390billion yuan in 2003, including 350billion yuan of investment in highway construction. By the end of 2003, the traffic mileage of highways completed reached 1.81 million km, ranking fourth in the world, of which the total mileage of highways reached nearly 30000 km, ranking second in the world, second only to the United States. As the lifeline of controlling and guiding road traffic - road traffic markings, the number of markings that need to be drawn is very large, and the amount of paint used for road traffic markings has soared. It is roughly estimated that the amount of paint used for new repair and maintenance of markings every year is more than 150000 tons. However, due to the reasons of construction quality, there are still some unsatisfying aspects of the coating. There are three main problems:

first, the coating variety is single, which can not be reasonably selected, and is easy to cause waste; Second, improper use of reflective glass beads makes the reflective effect of markings poor; Third, we do not pay attention to the anti sliding performance of the marking, which makes the marking a hidden danger of vehicle skidding, tail flicking and other accidents

1 comparison of the performance and advantages and disadvantages of various road marking coatings

in order to enable the coating manufacturers to understand the types and relevant indicators of road marking coatings, produce a variety of applicable marking coatings, and provide reasonable selection services for users, the performance, advantages and disadvantages of various types of road traffic marking coatings at home and abroad are compared in detail

2 simulation test results of marking performance

the paper "road marking system test in Germany" submitted by Professor r.keppler of the German Federal Highway Research Institute (BAST) provides 1954 groups of different types of white road marking performance test data of the Institute for 15 years since 1989

the data listed are obtained from the indoor ring road wear simulation test device. The test comprehensively examined the use performance of different types of white road markings, including wear resistance, continuous reflection, non fouling, adhesion and crack conditions. It can be seen from table 2 that the simulation test results of marking performance of hot-melt and solvent based road traffic marking coatings, which are currently the largest and most used in China, are not ideal and the satisfaction rate is low; The cold plastic marking paint with the highest satisfaction rate and the best performance (two-component reactive resins such as epoxy, polyurethane and acrylic resin) has just begun to be developed, trial produced and tried out, and the water-based marking paint with good performance has also begun to be produced and applied in a small amount

3 reasonable selection of paint

according to the author's experience in the research and development of road marking paint, the construction of marking engineering, the research of marking construction machinery and construction technology, and the formulation of relevant standards, with comprehensive reference to the comparison of the performance and advantages and disadvantages of various road traffic marking paint in Table 1, as well as the performance test data of different types of marking paint in Table 2, it is suggested that different roads Different marking paints are selected for different areas and different markings

3.1 the solid line of expressway can adopt hot-melt spraying type, two-component type and water-based paint

because the driving of vehicles on expressway is more standardized, the solid line is less rolled by wheels, less wear, and the requirements for the reflective performance of markings are higher. Hot melt spray coating can meet this requirement, and the performance price ratio is the highest, so it should be preferred. The two-component and water-based coating cross-linked film has strong adhesion with pavement and glass beads, excellent reflective performance, and wear resistance, so it is also selected

3.2 the discontinuous line of expressway can use durable marking paint

because the broken line is usually drawn on the road section where vehicles change lanes and merge, and it is frequently rolled by vehicles, so the wear of the marking is relatively large. The marking coating made by hot melt scraping coating is thicker and more durable. The use of durable marking materials can ensure the normal use of markings for a long time and reduce the risk of construction operations under the conditions of traffic

3.3 anti sliding coating and convex structural vibration reflective coating can be used in the turning and accident prone areas of expressway.

if the friction coefficient of these sections is too small and the speed is too fast, the moving vehicles will deviate from the normal line due to centrifugal force, resulting in traffic accidents. Using color anti slip paint to mark and pave the road can not only greatly improve the friction coefficient of the road, but also improve the driver's alertness and help slow down. When using the raised structure vibration reflective marking, once the wheel is rolled on the marking, the vehicle body will produce a slight vibration, and make noise at the same time to remind the driver that the vehicle has deviated. In addition, the raised part can make the marking still have good reflective performance in rainy nights

3.4 reflective markings are best used on general roads

there are few safety facilities such as signs and contour markers on general roads, and there is no lighting. In addition, motor vehicles and other vehicles drive together, the road conditions are complex, and it is extremely unsafe to drive at night. In order to prevent accidents, it is recommended that highway management departments add various traffic safety facilities, and the markings should preferably be marked with reflective markings

3.5 two component coatings can be selected for roads in northern cities, such as reactive acrylic acid or epoxy resin coatings

on urban roads, the speed is usually lower than that of highways, and there are street lamps, but the traffic flow is large, requiring wear resistance. In addition, the markings in northern cities have serious ash deposition and sticky pollutants, and the rainfall is very small, so it is impossible to wash and clean themselves by rainwater. However, reactive acrylic resin and epoxy resin coatings need crosslinking reaction during film formation. The temperature denaturation of the crosslinked film is not obvious, and the stain resistance is relatively good

3.6 hot melt paint can be used for urban roads in South China

hot melt paint can be used because there is a large amount of rainfall in South China, and rainwater washes the marking to make the marking self-cleaning good

3.7 convex structural vibration reflective markings and color anti slide paint markings are used in the curves, intersections, prosperous cities, factories and campus gates of urban roads

by marking convex structural vibration reflective markings and color anti slide markings in these important sections, the driver's alertness can be improved, the speed can be slowed down, slip can be prevented, driving safety can be achieved, and pedestrians can be protected. The color anti slip coating can not only improve the friction coefficient of the pavement, but also decorate the urban pavement. It is eye-catching and decorative, which should be said to be a good choice

3.8 alkyd paint can be used for low-temperature construction

many road projects are completed at the end of the year, and traffic safety facilities are often used as outstanding projects, which are late for the final construction. At this time, it is in the winter, and the temperature becomes low. If you still use hot-melt paint to draw markings, cracks will occur because the temperature is too low, the marking coating cools too fast, and the combination with the pavement is not good, resulting in peeling phenomenon. The alkyd coating has a low flash point and can be normally applied at low temperature

3.9 it is common to rush the construction period with polyurethane or polyurea aldehyde coatings under wet conditions. The markings drawn under wet conditions often cause bubbles in the coating and poor combination with the pavement. Especially for water-based coatings, it is not allowed to construct under the condition of relative humidity greater than rh85%. Polyurethane and polyurea aldehyde coatings can be cured at the experimental frequency of 0 ~ 5Hz with heavy moisture, which solves the adverse situation of suspension of marking works in rainy days

3.10 hot melt spray coating can be used for cement pavement

cement is an alkaline inorganic silicate with poor adhesion with organic coating. At present, the service life of markings drawn on cement pavement is rarely more than 2 years. From the perspective of economic rationality, using hot-melt spray coating can save material and financial resources more than using scratch coating. If hot melt scratch coating is used, it is relatively a waste

3.11 marking paint with a service life equivalent to the renovation time should be used on the old pavement

the surface condition of the old pavement itself is poor, and it will have to be renovated soon after use. If durable marking paint is used, the service life of the marking is likely to be longer than that of the pavement, which is economically unreasonable. If hot melt spraying or water-based paint is used, it will be a better choice

high efficiency 4 use reflective glass beads correctly

the reflection of the marking is from the glass beads pre mixed into the paint and scattered on the surface of the coating. If the glass beads have high rounding index and refractive index, and the particle size distribution is reasonable, the reflective effect of the marking is good. The particle size of glass beads shall be matched according to a certain proportion to ensure that the glass beads in the marking coating adhere firmly. In the process of use, glass beads of different sizes are exposed and fallen off in turn with the wear of the marking, so that the marking can continuously reflect light. The graded glass beads should comply with jt/t446 ~ 2001 glass beads for pavement marking

Table 3 particle size grading of glass beads for marking

particle size of glass beads quality

number and scope of application of glass beads/μ M percentage/%

> 850 0

No. 1 850 ~ 600

glass beads 600 ~ 300

300 ~ 106

600 0

No. 2 600 ~ 30 instead of "paper plastic" composites 0

premixed glass beads 300 ~ 106

212 0

glass beads 212 ~ 90

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