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with the development of the beverage market, beverage enterprises all need modern and efficient packaging equipment. Two years ago, the speed of the filling equipment was about 24000 bottles/hour, but now, the speed of the filling equipment has reached 36000 ~ 48000 bottles/hour. The increase of the speed of the front equipment inevitably requires the corresponding increase of the speed of the rear packaging equipment, especially the speed of the labeling equipment. In addition, today's beverage bottle design changes greatly, and there are more and more special-shaped bottles, so the labeling equipment is greatly limited, so more beverage enterprises begin to choose labeling equipment. At the same time, the cost and price of shrink film is far lower than that of labeling materials, which is more conducive to the promotion and application of labeling equipment. These reasons, such as lettuce, can also be kept clean, which makes the labeling equipment develop quite rapidly in the past year or two

however, beverage enterprises have also raised many problems for the labeling equipment suppliers: first, the labeling equipment should be faster to adapt to the high-speed front-end production. At present, the supplier of labeling equipment combines servo motor, multi axis controller and computer integrated control to form a high-precision electronic control system, which increases the production speed of labeling equipment from 400 bottles/min to 600 ~ 800 bottles/min, so as to meet the speed requirements of the whole line. Secondly, the continuous change of bottle shape and the continuous acceleration of production line speed require that the shrinkage mode and shrinkage effect of labeling equipment should closely follow the requirements. Recently, rbx-800 double head labeling machine developed by Shanghai Peifeng Electronics Co., Ltd. easily meets these needs of users

the special design makes the rbx-800 double headed marking machine have better performance.

the rbx-800 double headed marking machine independently developed by Shanghai Peifeng Electronics Co., Ltd. is the sixth generation marking machine developed by Taiwan technology. It has the characteristics of high speed, high stability, low loss, simple and safe operation, etc

the marking principle of rbx-800 double head marking machine is to complete the two actions of mark cutting and mark shooting at the same time when the label and the power rubber wheel are clamped at the outer edge of the guide post at high speed, which is quite different from the two actions completed separately in similar marking machines. The former can make the mark cutting and mark shooting linkage device not only avoid the phenomenon of mark clamping, In addition, the static electricity that is easy to be generated in the process of labeling can also be released instantly through the anti-static guide post, so as to improve the accuracy of labeling

rbx-800 double head labeling machine adopts the newly developed high-speed anti-static guide post, which is divided into upper, middle and lower parts. The upper part is made of flat hard material, which can guide the label to the middle of the guide post. Because it is wide and flat, the contact area between the label and the guide plate is greatly reduced, thereby reducing friction. At the same time, the upper and lower double-layer bearing transmission is adopted on the central column, so that the contact surface between the label and the central column is reduced, and the label slides smoothly, so as to solve the problem that the label is close to the central column due to static electricity. In addition, the set of labeling equipment is still in the center, and then the experiment is carried out again. Many grooves are added to the lower half of the column, which reduces the friction between the label and the central column. In this way, the label can slide rapidly without staying in place after cutting, and does not affect the feeding of the next label

these special designs make rbx-800 double head labeling machine will not cause label sticking due to the electrostatic problem of 3D printing filament generated by melting even when the label is running at super high speed, so as to meet the 24-hour uninterrupted production of users and provide a higher level of production guarantee for enterprises

rbx-800 double head labeling machine has the following characteristics:

● reasonable power combination system: it adopts the cutting and shooting linkage device, and the label is not stuck

● high speed and stable mechanical structure: the whole machine adopts stainless steel protective frame cover and aluminum alloy steel structure, which is stable and rust free

● original label feeding system: labels can be replaced alternately, making it more time-saving and convenient to replace labels

● unique feeding system: the label position is more accurate when setting square bottles and flat bottles

● adopt belt positioning label system: make the label can be sleeved at any position of various bottle types

● new process control system: two heads can be alternately labeled together, or one head can be labeled

● the world's leading cutting technology: the world's first synchronous linked cutter system controlled by Mitsubishi servo motor in Japan has the advantages of high speed, high precision and long service life

● full automatic cutter positioning system: turn on the power supply to automatically search for the origin positioning, which is safe and convenient

● simple, safe and reliable operation: it adopts color man-machine touch operation interface, and has Chinese and English operation, which is convenient and simple. The machine operates 1 Magnetic ring: 13.5 (inner) x32.8 (outer) x7.9 (thick), model: 201542, no need for personnel to guard, equipped with warning device, safe and simple operation

● convenient and fast maintenance: it adopts the separate installation structure of each system, which is convenient for disassembly and assembly. It adopts "national standard" hardware accessories, which are easy to buy everywhere

● high efficiency production speed: the actual running speed of two heads can reach 48000 bottles/hour

● flexible selection of various bottle types: the machine head can be lifted and tilted, which is suitable for round bottles, square bottles, oval bottles and other bottle shapes

● maintenance cost of low consumables: This machine adopts low-cost discarding blade, which is easy to replace and has low cost burden

compared with similar labeling machines on the market, rbx-800 double head labeling machine has the following advantages

first, the structure adopts the linkage design, completes all the actions with a simple and ingenious design concept, and makes the installation and maintenance reach the principle of simple, fast and convenient operation

II. Flexible mechanical structure, suitable for a variety of bottle types and special-shaped bottle labels. According to the conditions of bottle shape, bottle body, height and so on, the special center guide post for special-shaped bottles can be used. As long as the tilt height of the machine head is adjusted, the marking can be carried out at any angle within 180 °, realizing the oblique angle between the bottle body and the center guide post, and solving the problems of difficult special-shaped bottle marking, difficult positioning, difficult directional control and so on. The machine is also equipped with a rotatable label feeding system and a bottle system for positioning the label position, which can greatly improve the accuracy and quality of labeling

III. compared with similar labeling machines, the time spent from replacing the whole roll of labels to operation is only one third of that of similar labeling machines

fourth, the label is not stuck, which saves valuable production time and reduces the loss of the label

v. the bottle feeding screw, central guide pillar, cutter device, positioning device, shrinking machine, etc. can be configured in a modular manner according to the requirements of the bottle type and production speed required by customers

VI. it has intellectual property rights of many international and domestic leading technology patents

successful application cases of rbx-800 double head labeling machine

since its successful development, rbx-800 double head labeling machine has been successfully applied in the sixth pharmaceutical factory of Harbin Pharmaceutical Group, a well-known domestic enterprise. Previously, the water beverage product "slim lady" of Harbin Pharmaceutical No. 6 factory has been suffering from the lack of appropriate labeling solutions because of its high bottle body, thin bottle wall, large upper part of the packaging bottle, small bottom and unequal bottom. The sixth factory of Harbin Pharmaceutical requires the new labeling solution to prevent bottles from falling during the process of high-speed progress, and the length of the labeling label should reach 20.5 cm. Finally, Harbin sixth pharmaceutical factory adopted the rbx-800 double head labeling machine of Peifeng, which easily solved the problem

the labeling machine adopts the twin-screw bottle feeding mode, so that the whole labeling process is carried out in the screw. At the same time, the machine also adopts a twin-screw bottle protection positioning system, with twin-screw synchronous bottle separation and bottle protection positioning, which ensures that the bottle body will not shake when moving at high speed. In addition, rbx-800 double head labeling machine adopts a double drive structure, which improves the stability of sending labels. The equipment adopts the structure of standard cutting and shooting linkage device, which solves the bottle squeezing phenomenon of products in high-speed operation, so as to meet the production requirements of high-speed operation. The actual operation speed of the equipment can reach 48000 bottles per hour. The speed can be changed at will during production, and the sleeve head can be switched for sleeve marking at will. The machine can also be stopped when changing labels

with the vigorous development of labeling technology, its application field and scope will be more and more extensive. In the future, the labeling equipment will face a broad market space and higher and higher requirements of user enterprises. The labeling equipment has to move towards "automatic production" with high speed, high quality and low cost. As a professional manufacturer of labeling machine, Shanghai Peifeng Electronics Co., Ltd. will also look to the future and continue to innovate in line with the equipment development concept of "faster, more stable and more humanized" to contribute to the development of labeling technology

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