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The integration of color management architecture and printing process (Part 2)

Open printing process and color management architecture

the impact of desktop publishing (DTP) and digital publishing (CTP) lead to an open voice brush environment and the introduction of many color management systems/software and hardware. The process of color separation input and proofing output in an integrated way are quite related to the color management process

I. color management printing environment:

to do color management, the following instruments and components are required:

1 Color measuring instrument

2 Color management software

3 Integrating existing tools with existing production processes, including the existing computer operating system, the support of application software, and the coordination of output environment, is the most important key in the color management process

second, color management of color separation input:

the RGB signal scanned by the scanner is converted into CMYK files for subsequent printing, which we define as the color management process of color separation input

so you have to:

1 Establish PR self-adhesive polymer modified asphalt polyester tire waterproof coiled material jc898 ⑵ 002ofile

2 for input equipment Input the image manuscript

3 according to the established profile Determine whether the image file format is associated with the profile

4 Confirm the profile

5 of the output device Color correspondence and conversion of image data

6 Page composition and output

III. consideration of color separation input:

1 Scanner setting

2 Ideal of perfect manuscript

3 The demand for color modification/gamut correspondence

4 The disturbance of sRGB makes it difficult to use

5 How to integrate with rip/sever

6 How to evaluate the efficiency of the system

7 It can avoid the attachment of output characteristics such as ink

8 Still need good output profile

IV. color management of proofing output

color management needs of proofing output:

1 And the akulonxs film has better tensile properties. Establish the target profile

2 Establish the profile of the proofing equipment

3 Color conversion mode of absolute chromaticity

v. considerations of proofing output:

1 The color gamut of the proofing equipment should be wide enough

2 The stability of the proofing equipment should be high enough

3 Characteristics of non four color output

4 The difference of black replacement

5 Acceptance of FM points

outlook for the future

1 The theory of color management is feasible

2 Color management equipment continues to improve

3 Quality relative to expectation

4 Workflow needs to be adjusted and optimized

5 Personnel education and training is the key

6 The goal is to increase production capacity and reduce costs without affecting quality

generally speaking

source: printing communication of China Culture University, so the temperature of the working environment of the experimental machine must be kept constant. Xu Mingjing, assistant professor of the Department of Science

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