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The reliable operation of the world's largest "virtual power plant" re expansion

large-scale source load friendly interaction system has effectively improved the transmission capacity of the UHV DC transmission channel, provided a strong guarantee for promoting the development and utilization of clean energy in the southwest region, provided a good demonstration application for the safe operation of UHV large receiving power, and also provided strong technical and equipment support for UHV AC and DC power in China, It has actively promoted the effective implementation of China's energy supply side structural reform

on June 15, 2016, the first phase I project of "large-scale source Netherlands friendly interaction system" in China was completed and put into operation, which has attracted widespread attention in the industry. The second phase of the project was put into operation in the next year, and the third phase of the expansion project was launched for trial operation this year. The system has achieved friendly interaction between source and load, avoiding power distress, cutting off power all at once, and using electricity intelligently

at 13:10 on July 25, the maximum dispatching power load of Jiangsu power reached 100.15 million KW, becoming the first provincial power with a power load exceeding 100million kW in the national power system for two consecutive years. The increasing power load has brought great pressure to Jiangsu electric power. In recent years, in order to alleviate the pressure of power supply, the advantages of the first two phases of Jiangsu electric power's large-scale source load friendly interaction system have gradually emerged, and they can actually be sent to the landfill (not ideal), which has fundamentally changed the way of rapid load regulation, and also established a strong defense line for the peak summer electricity

on May 28 this year, the third phase expansion project of the first domestic "large-scale source Netherlands friendly interaction system" undertaken by NARI Group was put into trial operation. "Its operation indicates that China has realized the engineering application of large-scale, multi-level, multi type and multi time scale interruptible load collaborative control for the first time, marking that China has the largest 'virtual power plant' in the world, which provides a stronger guarantee for realizing a wider range of optimal allocation of energy and resources." Yanyunsong, assistant general manager of the stability branch of NARI Group, said

implement precise policies to achieve fundamental changes in load regulation

for a long time, China's energy supply has been restricted by the uneven distribution of energy resources and uneven economic development. The power balance in the Middle East, represented by Jiangsu, is highly dependent on external electricity. Conventional thermal power and hydro electric units have been replaced by large-scale high-voltage DC power supply, and the rapid regulation capacity of electricity has declined. At the same time, the scale of single DC power transmission continues to increase. Once it is lost, the receiving end will face a large amount of power loss instantaneously, and there are risks of cascading faults and electrical instability

in order to effectively solve the above problems, the electric stability technology team of NARI Group learned how the improper installation of the tensile testing machine will affect the machine. It took two and a half years to jointly tackle the key problems of industry, University, research and application. It took the first time to carry out research on large-scale source load precise control theory and interaction mechanism, overcome a number of key technologies, and developed a complete set of equipment that also provides various equipment information, It has realized the application of Jiangsu large-scale source Netherlands friendly interactive system demonstration project

"this project will disperse massive interruptible loads. C. fully active fixture: from sample size measurement to clamping, it will carry out rapid and accurate control, from electric 'power regulation' to the combination of 'power regulation' and 'load regulation', so as to ensure the instantaneous (millisecond level), short-term (second level) and period (minute level) balance of power supply in emergency." Yan Yunsong said

in terms of equipment, it mainly developed two core products: dispatching master station and control device, including provincial dispatching end panoramic monitoring system, source load storage control master station and sub station devices, 155m special communication device, multi-user shared 2m access device, intelligent load control terminal, etc. The complete set of core equipment fills the gap at home and abroad, promotes the development of electronics, communication and computer industries, and provides a complete product line with independent intellectual property rights for UHV AC/DC interconnected power and smart power in China

the system has been successfully applied in Jiangsu Electric Power Co., Ltd., which has achieved a fundamental change in the mode of rapid load regulation and played a good exemplary role. This achievement has been popularized and applied in six provincial-level power stations in Shandong, Henan, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Anhui and Hunan, providing a set of large-scale source load accurate load control means with independent intellectual property rights that can be popularized for the safe operation of UHV AC and DC interconnected power in China, and will further improve the cross regional optimal allocation of energy and the consumption capacity of new energy in China, Improve the safe and stable operation control level of large power under the environment of UHV high-power long-distance power transmission, and provide an overall technical platform support for the next step of power system reform and the development of new power sales business model

accelerate the transformation of achievements and create economic and social benefits

the third phase expansion construction of Jiangsu's large-scale source load friendly interaction system includes the second phase of large-scale user addition, the third phase of 500 kV Qinhuai, Huiquan, Maoshan, visit Xian four control sub stations, 23 coal-fired power plants can interrupt auxiliary machines, and 10 energy storage power stations can access the millisecond level system; It has also completed the on-site preset experiments of all contracted users, the overall on-site joint commissioning after the system transformation, the real cut-off user test, the real cut-off time measurement experiment and so on. "At present, the total capacity of millisecond level control has reached 2.6 million KW, and a total of 2078 households are controlled." Yan Yunsong said

then, how does this project help electric power to survive the summer peak? A set of data can show its "power". The project can increase the UHV DC power transmission capacity by 1.54 million KW and increase the annual profit by about 84 million yuan. The cumulative power supply increased by 4.989.6 billion kwh, the cumulative new sales volume increased by 2.744.28 billion yuan, and the cumulative new profit increased by 124.74 million yuan, with remarkable economic benefits. In terms of load control capacity, it is equivalent to 4 million KW thermal power units, saving investment of 12.64 billion yuan, and achieving significant environmental benefits

in fact, in the first two phases of the project, the advantages of "Jiangsu Electric Power large-scale source load friendly interaction system project" have emerged. As an important part of East China power frequency emergency control system, it was officially put into operation in Suzhou for the first time on June 15, 2016. A total of 810 large users are connected to the first phase of the project. This system provides a strong support for the safe and stable operation of Southwest hydropower through the 21.6 million KW full power transmission of three circuit UHV DC such as Fufeng, JinSu and binjin during the peak summer in 2016

in December 2017, the second phase expansion of Jiangsu large-scale source load demonstration project was put into operation. Two new control master stations, eight 500 kV control sub stations, and 518 new terminals were added. For the first time, the system has formed a layered and partitioned complete structure composed of control center station, main station, sub station and control terminal. In addition to being widely used, the control objects are also connected to the interruptible auxiliary machines of coal-fired power plants, water pumping pumps of the South-to-North Water Diversion diversion station and large-scale energy storage power stations. The power supply types are diversified, and the control objects are more abundant. The total capacity of millisecond control reaches 2million kW

it is not difficult to see that the reliable operation of the system effectively improves the transmission capacity of the UHV DC transmission channel, provides a strong guarantee for promoting the development and utilization of clean energy in the southwest region, provides a good demonstration application for the safe operation of UHV large receiving end power, also provides strong technical and equipment support for China's UHV AC and DC power, and actively promotes the effective implementation of China's energy supply side structural reform

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