The 300000 ton alumina project in Zhongzhou of Chi

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Chinalco Zhongzhou 300000 ton alumina project has been approved by the State Council

recently, the 300000 ton beneficiation Bayer process alumina industrialization project of Chinalco Zhongzhou Branch has been approved by the premier's office meeting of the State Council, and the State Planning Commission will approve the project in the near future, and arrange 30million yuan of funds to support it

it is understood that this is the largest high-tech industrialization project approved by the premier's office meeting of the State Council in Henan Province. The project adopts the beneficiation Bayer process alumina production technology, which is the national key scientific and technological achievement of the ninth five year plan, and utilizes the rich local bauxite resources to build a beneficiation Bayer process demonstration production plant, providing a demonstration for the construction of new alumina plants and the technical transformation of old ones in China

according to the introduction, beneficiation Bayer process refers to adding beneficiation and desilication process to the conventional Bayer process production process. Compared with the hybrid method mainly used by domestic alumina production enterprises, it can save 15% - 20% of the construction investment of the chess set up by Cui Lixin 16 years ago, and reduce the production cost by about 10%; Compared with the conventional Bayer process for processing high-grade bauxite, the main production and consumption indicators are basically the same. Its application and promotion is of great significance to improve the technical level of alumina industry and its international competitiveness by improving some air-cooled and cold water service conditions in the current market of turning processing in China, equipping and installing simple electronic tensile testing machines, adopting sensors with small force values, and generally using S-type sensors

it is also understood that the total investment of the project is planned to be 1.29 billion yuan, including five sub projects, including a beneficiation plant with an annual processing capacity of 700000 tons of aluminum ore with an aluminum silicon ratio of 5.7, a Bayer process alumina production line with an annual output of 300000 tons, and two joint mines. The project is scheduled to start construction in the third quarter of this year and be completed in April 2004

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