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35th anniversary of China greening Foundation: help beautiful China with ecological public welfare peers release date: Source: China greening foundation

on September 27, China greening foundation celebrated its 35th birthday. At the same time, it announced the launch of 2020 China ecological carnival, focusing on creating an integrated platform for "Internet +" ecological public welfare, We will continue to play the role of China greening foundation as a bridge in the exchange and cooperation between domestic and foreign non-governmental ecological governance and nature conservation

and it is planned to be included in the national key special plan as a strong support for China's ecological public welfare undertakings. On the occasion of the 35th anniversary, the China greening foundation will accumulate strength and move forward. After thirty-five years of trials and tribulations, my original intention remained unchanged and I worked hard. 35 years ago, the China greening foundation was born under the leadership of the Party Central Committee and with the participation of all sectors of society. It has continued to "expand inside and outside", internally - mobilize social forces to form an ecological public welfare system and realize the effective allocation of green resources; External - unite with relevant international organizations to benefit more people as a country

step by step, harvest all the way - China greening foundation has won special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council, "global member of the World Conservation Union" and other honors. As one of the first social organizations to carry out ecological governance, China greening foundation has always been in the forefront of the world's ecological public welfare field

take "ecological public welfare" as the core, activate social resources and realize multidimensional development

for Chinese people, 2020 is a year of "comprehensively overcoming difficulties and eradicating poverty". In the face of the sudden COVID-19, 3. Choose the additives to reduce the shrinkage rate. China greening foundation acted against the order, took the initiative, and went all out to organize social forces to help win the war of prevention and control of the epidemic, fully demonstrating the responsibility of a social organization and the feelings of people's livelihood

in the post epidemic era, the greening environment in China, which is making great strides, reaches ⑶ 0 ℃ to 55 ℃. In order to give back the full support of the state and society, the foundation continues to explore, keep upright and innovate, and speeds up the process of high-quality development based on the public welfare brand projects such as "natural China", "7. Installing and disassembling machine heads, screws and other bulky parts, green citizen action", "million forest", "happy home", "ant forest" and so on

this "2020 China ecological Carnival" has received sincere blessings from authoritative partners in the international and domestic public welfare industry, such as the United Nations Environment Programme, India GBS, Bangladesh development wheel, the United Nations Convention to combat desertification, Japan greening the world desert Association, aider of Peru, Togo welfare society, the former South Korean ambassador to China futurelin, Shenzhen International Public Welfare Institute and so on. Liu Jin, the public image ambassador of the China greening foundation and the national first-class actor of the Political Department of the Central Military Commission, and 35 artists including Luo Yunxi, Liu Kaiwei, Chen Linong, Chen ruoxian, Xu Kai, Huang Jue, Cai Wenjing, he Jie, Shen Yue jointly formed the China ecological public welfare star cluster to carry out multi-dimensional national ecological public welfare advocacy activities covering the China nature observation Festival, protecting forests, listening to nature, the national public welfare run, photography art exhibition and so on, It aims to promote land greening, build ecological civilization, maintain ecological balance, and advocate the harmonious and sustainable development between man and nature

innovate environmental protection "play methods", activate social resources, "speak for the ecology and cry for life":

Nature China - launch the youth nature observation education project, and jointly launch the "21 antenna upstream learning knowledge punch card" with ecological and environmental protection experts; Take "experts talking about nature" as the prying point to guide teenagers and the public to understand "nature", pay attention to "nature" and protect "nature"; Open online activities such as visiting nature reserves, watching animals on the cloud, and the whole people participating in the live broadcast of helping farmers, and find the "most beautiful colors" in all parts of the motherland

green citizen action - many first-line stars participated in the recording of "Natural Poetry" and "natural prose", opened the voice "feast" on the cloud, felt the project story with their ears, listened to the most beautiful poems of nature together, and called on everyone to love nature and embrace green action

millions of forests - focus on the protection of desert oases. Through online and offline parallel interactions such as "customized forests" and "lighting up the green planet", we will encourage the whole people to participate in the construction of desert border forests

happy home - tell the extraordinary story of "serving the ecosystem and watching life" around you and me in many forms, such as documentaries, star calls, linkage campaigns, etc. Taste the "charm" of ecological poverty alleviation, "race" for public welfare, and "help" for poverty eradication

in 2020, all members of the China greening foundation will take the courage of "hitting the water for three thousand miles", integrate the spirit of "the road is long, and its construction is far away", ignite a new momentum as we go, follow the pace of national development, strive to be the first in building ecological civilization, and strive to write a new chapter of high-quality development

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