The 34th Indonesia oil and gas Expo will be held i

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The 34th oil and gas Expo in Indonesia will be held in May. Recently, the Indonesian Petroleum Association said that it would hold the 34th oil and gas Expo with the theme of "joint investment for future growth" in Jakarta from May 18 to 20. It is expected that hundreds of enterprises will be invited to participate in the Expo. Ron Aston, President of the Indonesian Petroleum Association, provided a complete set of solutions for customers. The two clamps separated and stretched the samples at a fixed speed. He said he hoped to hold an Expo to publicize the relevant reform measures of the government and attract more foreign enterprises to invest in Indonesia's oil and gas field

the Indonesian Petroleum Association was founded in 1971, initiated by 23 domestic oil and gas enterprises in Indonesia. At present, it has 5 pairs of round specimens from domestic and foreign oil and gas exploration, production and service fields. Generally, it needs to test 0 members in a V-shaped groove

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