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One of the key technologies for the survival of printing plants: six key technologies

in today's era of fierce competition and meager profits, how can printing plants survive and succeed? In September this year, the 12th executive outlook conference was held at the same time of graphexpo2007, the largest exhibition in the Western Hemisphere. The theme of the conference is the Quartet of Printing Factory Success: economy, market, technology and talent. At this session of the conference, the mustsee EMS (must see technical express mail) technology and product selection committee recently released the list of six survival technologies of the printing factory. These technologies will have a far-reaching impact on the business of the printing factory and play a decisive role in their future success

six key technologies for the survival of printing plants:

1 Management information system (MIS); 2. Digital production printing; 3. Traditional workflow and digital application; 4. Information technology (it); 5. Web to print; 6. Color management

key technologies for secondary survival:

7 Automatic control of lithographic press; 8. Computer direct plate making technology (with ink preset); 9. Pre inspection software and technology; 10. Application of unique functions

other technologies that have a significant impact on the success of printing plants:

11 Integrated production; ID (radio frequency smart tag); 13. Post press binding and processing; 14. Integrated services

I. six key technologies for the survival of printing plants

the core of s technology and the key to profitability

after winning the title of six survival technologies last year, MIS (Management Information System) ranked first among the six survival technologies again this year

mis was selected by mustsee EMS technology and product selection committee because it has become a core technology around which customer interface, planning, production, control, automation integration and enterprise workflow are established. MIS system has become a hot topic in the printing industry, and has also become an important standard for the modernization level of enterprises

the senior management based on the 2:1is system with the ratio of the height and diameter of the compacted test piece of M cast iron can not only evaluate the performance of the whole enterprise, but also allow the production personnel to use these systems to transmit live part data, communicate with various departments within the enterprise and customers, and realize the automation of the production process

the new printing market requires printers to constantly reduce costs. In order to succeed, today's printing enterprises must maximize efficiency. A good MIS system solution can improve accuracy, shorten production cycle, reduce cost and improve customer satisfaction

2. The focus of the development of digital printing technology

digital production printing technology (covering all digital printing technologies, including toner and inkjet systems, as well as monochrome, spot color and four-color printing equipment) ranks second in the list of key technologies

digital printing is considered to be the fastest growing part of the printing industry. It has opened up a Xintiandi outside offset printing, and will win more potential markets, and the prospect will be broader and broader

some market analysts call 2008 drupa digital printing exhibition, or inkjet printing exhibition, which shows that digital printing technology has become a focus of the development of printing technology and the development direction of the global printing industry

3. Workflow - optimize production

in the face of increasingly fierce competition, in order to continuously improve the efficiency and quality of printing products, a variety of control information in the process of prepress processing, printing and post press processing is brought into computer management, and the whole printing production process is connected with digital control information flow, which is the basic purpose of digital workflow

its advantages are as follows: reducing intermediate links and improving production efficiency; The consumption of intermediate materials is saved; Improve the operation specification and printing quality level; Improving the level of printing automation, more effective quality management and rapid growth process management of carbon flow materials, and optimizing the whole production process are the decisive factors for the profitability of printing enterprises

4. With the rapid development of information technology and the improvement of the management level of printing enterprises, the use of computer technology for business information processing is currently being practiced by many printing enterprises, and it is also the only way for enterprises to achieve technological innovation and management innovation. The automation and programming of printing business information processing is actually the process of the organic combination of information technology and printing business management. The full operation of enterprise management information system needs the support of information technology. As printers increasingly adopt digital printing, variable data printing, personalized printing, digital asset management, multimedia applications and various software for traditional printing production, the importance of information technology (including the ability to install, use and maintain equipment) has become increasingly prominent

the film blown out by high-pressure PE is suitable for all kinds of fresh-keeping bag printing enterprises. In order to survive and achieve sustainable development, we must accelerate the process of enterprise informatization

5. Digitalization and networking are the two foundations and themes of today's printing technology development. They have run through the whole printing industry and are building a new production environment and technical foundation. Luohua printing is the product growth point and market growth point

the process of networking printing is as follows: the customer submits an electronic order, uploads the documents used for printing to the server, and the graphic designer processes the documents for digital proofing. After confirmation, the JDF file is generated and placed on the station, which is downloaded locally by the customer for digital proofing. If there are problems, the modification opinions are pasted on the station, which is modified by the graphic designer, and finally confirmed by the customer. Next, the server sends instructions to the digital printer in the network to print. At the same time, the management personnel closely monitor the printing process through the network, and solve problems in time if found. After the finished products come out, the printing products will be quickly delivered to customers by the marketing point in Luozhong

networking printing connects the four stages of the printing process, creativity, production, management and delivery, making the printing process more streamlined, creating a good interactive and collaborative environment for printing plants, printing customers and creative personnel, integrating the management information system and production system, reducing production costs, optimizing production and improving your enterprise benefits

6. Color management - throughout the whole printing workflow

color is the life of color printing. To improve the quality of color printing, we must first improve the quality of color. With the rapid development of information technology and modern printing technology, more and more printing enterprises realize the importance of color management in all links of printing production

color management includes controlling the accurate, stable and consistent reproduction of colors, and the results can be predicted. Its purpose is to compensate the color distortion caused by the input and output equipment, ensure that the color data can be converted in a repeatable way, and meet the professional requirements, so that a color space that can communicate and convert with each other can be established between the display, printer and printer, and finally establish the color expressiveness that does not vary with the equipment, so as to realize the accurate color of the printed matter

digitalization and automation of color management in the whole printing process is the development trend of the whole industry. At present, many printing enterprises are committed to establishing their own digital workflow. Whether it is traditional printing process or digital process, color management is an important project throughout the whole printing workflow

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