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The new anti-counterfeiting method of printer cartridge reveals the secret of inkjet printing and puts forward suggestions on your laboratory's long-term investment plan to support your enterprise growth strategy or research plan. So far, the machine has gradually become an important tool in people's daily work and life, and the large amount of printing consumables are necessary accessories that need to be purchased independently of the printer. As the saying goes, a good horse with a good saddle, a high-quality printer must be matched with high-quality consumables, so the original and authentic consumables have become an indispensable factor for the printer to show excellent performance

with the gradual entry of color inkjet printers into business and families, the demand for printing consumables such as ink cartridges and printing paper is also growing, and has become a hot spot in the industry. This has made many fake famous brands and low-quality products increasingly rampant. It is amazing that the appearance and manufacturing technology of fake consumables are becoming more and more exquisite, which can often confuse the false with the true, making it difficult for consumers to distinguish the true from the false

according to the statistics of authoritative institutions, more than 30% of the consumables sold in the market today, especially ink cartridge products, are fake and inferior products. These low-quality ink cartridges not only make it difficult to guarantee the print quality, but also often cause serious failures such as blocked print nozzles, damaging the interests of consumers

in order to avoid the damage caused by inferior products to users, manufacturers of all brands have vigorously promoted the use of authentic consumables. For example, Epson, the manufacturer with the largest market share of inkjet printers, has been paying close attention to the problem of counterfeit consumables. Recently, in order to make it easier for consumers to identify the authenticity of ink cartridges, crack down on fake consumables, and safeguard the interests of consumers, Epson has replaced all the laser holographic anti-counterfeiting labels on the original ink cartridges with color changing anti-counterfeiting labels, further improving the anti-counterfeiting ability and the convenience of identification, so that every consumer can have a pair of golden eyes

Epson's new color changing anti-counterfeiting label is made by using special printing technology. Its main feature is that a layer of special ink is coated on the color changing anti-counterfeiting label. When the buyer changes the observation angle, the anti-counterfeiting label will show bronze and green color changes. If the color of the anti-counterfeiting mark does not change between bronze and green, it can be confirmed as a fake ink cartridge

in addition, users can also use the identification card specially provided by Epson to judge fake goods

the tool can be divided into positive and negative, and the Epson logo should be placed on the left. At this time, there is no gap between the discoloration mark and the tool

through the identification card, users can observe two different colors of pentagram. The pentagram seen through the left film is green, while the pentagram seen through the right film is green. Using industrial robots, nearly 200 copper colors

similar to Epson, Canon, Hewlett Packard and others owe to the growth in demand for lighter and more efficient materials. Manufacturers have not taken into account dynamic factors, and have also strengthened the anti-counterfeiting of consumables, so that users can more easily identify the authenticity of consumables, improve print quality, reduce the damage of fake and inferior consumables to printers, and enjoy high-quality print output

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