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Coten Taiwan's 30000 ton HSBC project will be completed in 2015

coten high performance polymers, the world's leading producer of styrene block copolymers, focuses on the HSBC capacity expansion project in Mailiao, Taiwan, which is a joint venture between the company and Formosa Plastics. This project is expected to be completed in 2015. The annual capacity standard preparation team has collected a lot of domestic and foreign data and actual conditions of 30000 tons. The new plant will support the growing Asian market, In particular, the demand of the Greater China market will also support the global market demand in Europe and North America

the project plant will produce differentiated high-end (low molecular weight) HSBC products. Innovative product applications based on HSBC polymers include polyvinyl chloride (PVC) substitution, wire and cable, pharmaceutical packaging (infusion bags) applications and coated fabric applications (including automotive interior surfaces and industrial seat surfaces). In addition, HSBC polymers are also widely used in personal care products (such as diapers, which can directly test finished workpieces, health care and beauty gel) and industrial applications (lubricating oil additives and cable paste fiber paste)

Prakash kolluri, vice president of sales and marketing of Kraton Asia Pacific, said: Kraton's differentiated HSBC polymer products are the core of the company's future development plan, and expand our platform for polymer innovation

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