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At present, there are many kinds of flooring in the market, and the quality of their products is uneven. Consumers are often at a loss when choosing flooring. So how to distinguish the authenticity of the floor for home decoration and choose it

at present, there are many kinds of flooring in the market, and the quality of their products is uneven. Consumers are often at a loss when choosing flooring. So how to distinguish the authenticity of home decoration flooring and choose it? Now the characteristics of the following flooring are introduced as follows:

Runtai decoration

teak flooring is mainly distributed in the mountainous areas of Myanmar and Thailand. Its color is yellowish brown to dark brown, shiny, the chord surface often has dark black stripes, and the surface feels a little oily “ Greasy ”, The new cut surface smells of leather and is a valuable flooring material

oak flooring is mainly distributed in Changbai Mountain and Northeast China, and belongs to the same family as American white oak; It is light yellow, with straight wood grain, uneven silver patterns on the chord surface, heavy material, fine wood and small dry shrinkage. It is an affordable excellent flooring material

Fraxinus mandshurica floor has the best performance in Changbai Mountain area, but after it became popular a few years ago, it was harvested everywhere, which has reduced the quality of Fraxinus mandshurica floor in the current market, and even elm was used as the top

beech floor has beautiful color, sesame like dots on the surface, and slightly tender texture; The beech floor is brown, with vertical stripes on the surface, without “ Sesame dot ”, The price per square meter is about 150 yuan higher than that of beech, and logging has been banned in China. Many high priced “ Beech &rdquo& ldquo; European beech ” Most of them are beech, so consumers must carefully identify them when shopping

solid wood composite floor this kind of floor retains the natural wood grain and comfortable foot elasticity of solid wood floor. When selecting, we should pay particular attention to the quality of laminate. Three layer solid wood composite floor, with the surface of high-quality broad-leaved trees, such as oak, maple, cherry, Manchurian ash, etc., and the surface thickness of 4 mm — 7 mm. Multilayer solid wood composite flooring is often based on multilayer plywood, and the surface decorative panel is mostly laminated with hardwood flakes, with a thickness of 0.2 mm — Between 0.8 mm

the reinforced composite floor is made of impregnated paper adhesive film with hard fiberboard, medium density fiberboard and particleboard as the substrate. It has strong wear resistance, neat patterns and uniform color, but the foot feel elasticity is not as good as solid wood floor. There is no need to overemphasize the wear resistance index when selecting. It can be used in the bedroom as long as it is not less than 4000 revolutions. However, try to choose brands with low formaldehyde emission, and maintain indoor ventilation after paving. According to foreign standards, those with formaldehyde emission less than 10mg100g are green building materials

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