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Foothold intelligent disinfection shoe cabinet has been completed and passed the sterilization performance test of authoritative institutions

foothold has always attached great importance to product quality control and technological innovation and upgrading. With the correct leadership and strong support of leaders, through the unremitting efforts of technicians and the continuous improvement of R & D level, the management system has also been continuously improved. After obtaining the approval certificate of Guangdong Jiangmen Institute of quality measurement supervision and testing in 2012, the foothold has always been to implement the business philosophy of "making great efforts to govern, providing high-quality services, being practical and honest, and developing in the long term". Quality first, reputation first "is the consistent purpose of Yuefa hardware, strengthening the quality control of all links in the whole process of the management system, and ensuring the effective operation of the management system

since September 16, 2013, Guangzhou industrial microbiology testing center has accepted the 2.1.5 sterilization and disinfection instrument disinfection efficacy evaluation test. After it was publicized and passed on the 27th, the testing center issued a testing report for the foothold intelligent shoe cabinet testing center. Through this inspection, not only the qualification of Yuefa hardware factory has been expanded, but also the inspection ability has been further improved, and the scope and category of inspection have continued to expand

after being recognized by the testing center, the smart shoe cabinet will standardize the quality management through the test standards, and make greater improvements in the use and control, which not only realizes the design goal of the product, but also achieves intelligence, simplicity, practicality and safety Through standardized management and strict quality requirements, the foothold improves the quality of inspection professionals, and constantly improves the professional level and technical ability, so as to increase the core competitiveness of foothold products in the smart home market. The foothold has embarked on the road of standardization through scientific management, which not only provides high-quality services for customers, but also builds a solid and reliable platform for the production, technology and scientific research of smart home





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