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?? 1. Main construction process

?? Clean the base → Fill putty, apply putty locally, and polish → For the first time, fully apply putty and polish → For the second time, fully apply putty and polish → Brush sealing primer

paint → Brush the first coat of paint → Refill putty and polish → Brush the second coat of paint → Polish it

?? 2. Key points of construction

?? The treatment of base course is the key link to ensure the construction quality, and the most basic condition is to ensure that the wall is completely dry, which should generally be placed for more than 10 days

the wall must be flat, and putty should be applied at least twice until it meets the standard requirements

?? The construction method of emulsion paint brushing can be hand brushing, roller coating and spraying. Continuous and rapid operation shall be carried out during painting, and the painting shall be finished at one time

?? The emulsion paint shall be applied evenly, and there shall be no phenomena such as missed brushing and adhesion. Brush and polish once. Generally, it should be more than twice

?? 3. Precautions

?? (1) The putty shall match the coating performance, be solid and firm, and shall not be powdered, peeled or cracked. Water resistant putty shall be used in wet places such as toilets

?? (2) The coating liquid should be fully stirred. If the viscosity is too high, it can be appropriately added. If the viscosity is small, thickener can be added

?? (3) The construction temperature is higher than 10 ℃. There should be no large amount of dust in the room. It's best to avoid rainy days




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