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With the development of science and technology, there are more and more intelligent products now, among which the automatic toilet is a kind of intelligent furniture, and more and more people buy and use it. Today, let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the fully automatic toilet and how to operate it

1. Advantages and disadvantages of full-automatic toilet

1. Advantages

full automatic toilet has the functions of automatic flushing, flushing and deodorization, which is a very convenient place. Moreover, it also has the function of hip cleaning, which can effectively prevent bacterial infection, massage and promote blood circulation; It also has the function of adjusting the temperature of water and drying, so that the hips can always be kept dry

2. Disadvantages

the price of the fully automatic toilet is much higher than that of the ordinary toilet. Moreover, if there is a power failure, it cannot flush, which is easy to cause inconvenience, and the service life is relatively short, with an average service life of about five years

2. How to operate the fully automatic toilet

1. Press the " of the remote control; Hip wash " After pressing the button, the hip cleaning nozzle of the toilet will erupt clean water in a fixed position for about one minute, and then press again " Hip wash " Press the key, and the nozzle will move back and forth repeatedly to enhance the cleaning effect

2. Press the remote control " Massage " After the key function of, the washed water pressure will be rhythmically and repeatedly changed alternately, which can massage the hips. If you want to stop the massage function, press the key again

3. After cleaning and massaging the buttocks, press " on the toilet; Warm air drying " Or on the remote control " Drying " Press the key, and then the toilet will warm air and dry the buttocks. About three minutes later, the warm air drying will stop automatically, and the front and back of the warm air outlet will move rhythmically to enhance the drying effect

4. When using the cleaning function, just press the conditioning on the remote control " Front "e; Or "e; Post "e; The washing function will automatically carry out hip conditioning and washing forward or backward. After pressing the button to terminate the washing function, the toilet will terminate all running functions

Xiaobian summary: the above is all about the advantages and disadvantages of fully automatic toilets and how to operate them shared by Xiaobian. Automatic toilets of different brands have different effects and different prices. It is best to pay attention to the cost performance of toilets when buying them, and do not buy them at will because of greed for cheap




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