The hottest natural rubber in Shanghai rebounded s

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Shanghai's natural rubber rebounded sluggishly and fell again

Tokyo rubber rose on Thursday due to the technical rebound, and the price of rubber fell sharply this month before, but the market sentiment is still low, because it is expected that the output will increase

the performance of Shanghai rubber market is weak today. The intraday recovery of rubber price is weak. In the late trading, it fell again under the pressure of closing positions. The closing decline relaxation testing machine can measure the product's flexibility in yuan (RMB, the same below). However, if the tensile machine and computer fail to connect, the tensile test cannot be carried out. Among them, the main 0610 contract closed at 20575 yuan/ton, down 140 yuan The daily turnover was 130500, and the position was 44500, a decrease of 2436

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