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Hainan natural rubber market on June 7

transaction details today:

Hainan agricultural reclamation rubber auction transaction was forcibly closed at 16:30 p.m. The number of pending orders today has increased significantly compared with yesterday, and the rising trend of latex and standard rubber has eased slightly. Standard 2 glue and clear glue still rose significantly. Overall, the bidding is still fierce. Except that the standard 1 adhesive showed a slight downward trend, and the highest starting price indicated that only 2% of the plastics were recycled and failed to be traded, the rest were all traded

net latex: all transactions, 619 tons in total. The transaction prices are respectively 9910 yuan/ton for three orders, 9980 yuan/ton for one order, 10000 yuan/ton for two orders, and 10010 yuan/ton for one order. The average transaction price is 9949 yuan/ton. Up 0.41%

standard one glue: 935 tons. The transaction price is mainly 0 yuan/ton --14150 yuan/ton of green manufacturing reported by 1410 central media, and 14200 yuan/ton is the highest transaction price today. The average transaction price is 14121 yuan/ton. Down 0.29%

standard two glue: totally 3 orders of 46 tons were sold. The transaction prices are 13100 yuan/ton, 13110 yuan/ton and 13140 yuan/ton respectively. The average transaction price was 13121 yuan/ton, up 1.87%

mark three glues: no listing

substandard glue: no listing. The important function of the pressure vessel fatigue testing machine of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is to conduct pressure pulse impact on the gas cylinder

glue cleaning: the total transaction volume is 75 tons, and the difference between the transaction prices of each order is small. The average transaction price is 12373 yuan/ton. Rapid cooling is beneficial to the shaping of plastic extruded coating 92%。

cigarette glue: no hanging list

Haikou market supply and demand:

1 Due to the hot weather and little rain in Hainan for a long time, although the rubber trees have already been cut, the output is far lower than expected. The inventory of new glue in Haikou warehouse is small, and the supply of standard 2 glue and cigarette glue is tight, and the quality is low

2. There is a relatively large spot supply of glue mark 1 and glue block mark 1. The delivery of latex is fast, so it is difficult to have a large amount of inventory. Jiaoqing glue is still out of stock and in short supply

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