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The natural rubber import volume of the United States in June increased by 9.9% month on month to 45000 tons

the key units and components of the U.S. system adopt the current international advanced technology. The Ministry of Commerce announced on the 11th that the natural rubber import volume of the country in June increased by 138.9% year on year to 45000 tons, while the month on month increase was 9.9%

according to the comprehensive media on August 12, the US Department of Commerce announced on August 11 that the country's natural rubber in June was 1 According to the experimental temperature, it can be divided into high temperature normal atmospheric temperature. Compared with 19000 tons in the same period of 2009, the import volume of Cryogenic Testing Machines increased by 138.9% to 45000 tons, an increase of 9.9% from 41000 tons in May

the natural rubber import volume of the United States in January was 311000 tons

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