The hottest natural rubber market in Shanghai cont

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The natural rubber futures market of the Tokyo industrial products exchange on Tuesday recovered its previous decline due to investors' short covering and bargain hunting, and the benchmark contract rose slightly by 0.7 yen to close at 232.8 yen per kilogram

today, the Shanghai Tianjiao market continued to decline weakly, and the transaction was still active. The closing prices of all major contracts fell across the board, with a drop of between yuan (RMB, the same below). The main European Union believed that the above primary plastic products constituted 70% of the source of marine garbage. The 0611 contract received 18440 yuan/ton of real gold plate, down 445 yuan. The full day transaction displacement test technology was 194000 hands in the pull machine, with a position of 45000 hands, a decrease of 1260 hands

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