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New processing and preservation technology of aerated conditioned food

aiming at the shortcomings of conventional processing methods such as vacuum packaging and high temperature and high pressure sterilization, a new technology suitable for processing all kinds of fresh convenience food or semi-finished products is developed. In this technology, food raw materials are pretreated, packed in transparent flexible packaging bags with high oxygen resistance, extracted with air and injected with inert gas (usually nitrogen) and sealed, and then mildly sterilized in a conditioning sterilization pot with multi-stage heating and two-stage cooling. Therefore, the plastic substitution of PDA for steel is one of the important development trends of automobile lightweight. When self polymerizing from the solution of go and dopamine or reacting with go, covalent bacteria are formed here. The sterilized food can better preserve the quality and nutritional components of the food, while the original color, aroma, taste, shape and taste of the food are almost unchanged, and can be stored and circulated at room temperature for 6 to 12 months. This not only solves the problem of quality deterioration of high-temperature, high-pressure and vacuum packaged food, but also overcomes the shortcomings of short shelf life and high cost in the circulation field of refrigerated and frozen food. Therefore, this technology has been invalidated by many products in the industry, and experts generally believe that it has great promotion and application value. Experts believe that the new technology of fresh-keeping and processing of aerated conditioned food can be widely used in the industrial processing of traditional food. B: the noise of the experimental process is low: the noise of the exchange servo machine is much lower than the working noise of the hydraulic pump It helps to develop new food varieties, expand the scope of food processing, and thus open up new food markets. This technology is especially suitable for processing meat, poultry and eggs, aquatic products, vegetables, fruits, staple foods, soup and other cooking foods or food raw materials, and has a broad application prospect. At present, this new processing and preservation technology developed by Ono Food Industrial Co., Ltd. in Japan has begun to be popularized and applied in China. This technology can turn famous dishes with distinctive flavor into industrialized production through modern means, so as to realize the industrialization and industrialization of Chinese cooking. It is not only a revolution in kitchen engineering, but also of great significance to improve people's dietary quality and standard and accelerate the development of China's food industry

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