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Aixun technology's latest printed simplified Chinese version of product selection guide is welcome to domestic users for free

Beijing, May 25th, 2007 - in order to meet the application needs of domestic customers, aisun Co., Ltd., your most trusted long-term partner of industrial computers, has recently published a new type selection guide, which contains the product information of three main product lines, IPC (industrial computer), ECP (embedded computer platform) and PPC (tablet computer), which are most popular with domestic customers from 2006 to 2007, As well as the product selection materials of high-performance, low power consumption and adaptability to different harsh environments, which were newly developed by Aixun in 2007 and were launched globally during the year, and meet the latest trends in the industry market

ECP new products:

equipped with high-performance Intel Core 2 dual core processor miniitx industrial motherboard sbc86831

* equipped with advanced socketm architecture Intel Core 2 dual core processor, and supports 533/667mhz external frequency

* GMA950 high-performance integrated graphics controller

* pciexpressx16 slot, It can support add2+ card or independent display card

* the latest TPM (trustedplatformmodule) 1.2 specification security control chip mode

* it supports raid0,1 and 0+1 functions for purchase

* it has 4 sets of COM ports, Suitable for trading terminal industrial applications (POS)

* it has eight groups of high-speed USB2.0 interfaces and two groups of IEEE1394a expansion interfaces

* digital input/output interfaces supporting three groups of channelin and five groups of channelout

* usbbox header slots can support SSD solutions of usbdiskonmodule

equipped with amdlx800 processor, ultra-low power fanless embedded industrial computer ebox646-fl500

* ultra-low power fanless embedded system

* equipped with amdgeodelx800 500MHz processor (lx700 optional)

* it has 1 set of COM ports, 2 sets of high-speed Ethernet ports, VGA interfaces, high-speed USB2.0 interfaces, ps/2 and other i/o

* it supports compactflashtypeii slots

* rotating 20 Watt ac/dc power adapter, and the power consumption of the whole machine is less than 20 watts

* it supports a variety of embedded operating systems. On the other hand, it is to save energy. On the other hand, it is an ultra-thin and compact shape design: Windows XP, windows ce5.0, windows XPEmbedded and Linux

*, Size: 200mmx139mmx43mm (WxDxH)

IPC new products:

support the latest picmg1.3 specification industrial full-length card shb100

* equipped with Intel Pentium D, Pentium 4 or celeron d processor, external frequency support 533/800/1066mhz

* 2 ddridimm slots, maximum support 4GB memory

* Intel 945G integrated VGA function (Intel GMA950) shared system memory

* support 4 SERR.Ialata port, supporting 4 USB (2.0), AC '97 codec specification

* on board dual Gigabit card, extended by PCI-E bus

* supports raid0,1,5 and 10

ppc new products:

15 inch fanless touch tablet with shock resistance and wide temperature got-3150t

* 15 inch XGA (1024x768) color TFT LCD

* fanless cooling system, equipped with ulvintelceleronm1g processor

* supports wide temperature: -20 ° c~55 ° C, Shock resistance up to 2g (Hz)

* support speakers (optional), the front panel conforms to nema4/ip65 Standard

* support rotatable wireless network antenna (ieee802.1b/802.11g)

* have a minipci slot, dual port

* support a variety of installation methods: desktop/panel/vesa/wall (optional)

the detailed model information and technical parameters of the above products have been incorporated into the new version of the Chinese model selection guide, Users only need to call: or write: DHF xc@ for free

from now on, the top 200 users who ask for the Chinese catalogue and finally choose any product in the catalogue can also get a full set of 2007 product selection catalogue (all in English) and a beautiful gift from aisun shares, which is worth 200 yuan

the quantity is limited, if you want to take it quickly! (Aixun technology reserves the final right to explain this activity)

about Aixun 12. Open the oil drain

in the Aixun team, we design, manufacture, and support the development of diversified products and modular application computer platforms, so that customers have a single source that is reliable and cost-effective. Aisun offers a number of CE, FCC and UL certified products, including industrial computer platforms, embedded computer platforms, network storage applications, got and tablet computers. Different from the emphasis on the embedded form of general single board computers, aisun devotes itself to the development of all-round single board computer products, including servers and computer bases, NAS (Network Attached Storage) and tower storage equipment, as well as a full range of interactive tablet computers with functions such as automatic hammer suction, automatic zero setting, automatic lifting and avoidance of twice impact. Aixun's products are widely used in industrial automation, data acquisition system, DVR (digital video recorder), medical industry, banking industry, entertainment industry, transportation industry, pos/poi, kiosk (snack shop), HMI (humanized mechanical interface), network communication, telecommunications industry, and network storage application equipment and market. Aisun will focus on the application computer platform market and provide competitive price solutions to the system integration. The production cost of aluminum lithium alloy is only 10% of that of carbon fiber composites and large, medium and small-sized enterprises. Aisun will also continue to pay attention to the importance of our sales partners and customers, tailor your business plans for different customer needs, and develop more efficient oem/odm solutions

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