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Accurately grasp the phased characteristics of China's energy development

the report of the 19th CPC National Congress pointed out that socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era, which is a new historical orientation of China's development. Socialism with Chinese characteristics continues to move forward in a process of unity of continuity and stages. Different stages of development require us to have ideological guidance, strategic deployment, ideas and measures to keep pace with the times. In the new era, focusing on providing inexhaustible energy power for the decisive victory in building a moderately prosperous society in all respects and achieving the goals of the "two centenaries", the energy industry must accurately grasp the phased characteristics of China's energy development in the new era, unswervingly promote the energy production and consumption revolution, and strive to build a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient energy system that is compatible with the economic and social development of the new era, Provide a strong energy guarantee for realizing the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation

the strategic framework system of the energy revolution has basically taken shape. According to the requirements of the new development concept, the overall blueprint of China's energy revolution is basically drawn. For the first time, a three-dimensional and multi-level planning system integrating comprehensive and professional, medium-term and long-term, overall and regional energy development has been established. The idea of energy revolution has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and has become the fundamental compliance and action consciousness of the energy system. The main framework of promoting the "four beams and eight pillars" nature of the energy revolution has been basically formed, providing a strong institutional guarantee and policy support for energy development

energy development is all-round and multi-level. The low-carbon transformation of energy consumption is accelerating. The proportion of new buildings in cities and towns implementing mandatory standards for energy conservation has basically reached 100%. The formation of a green transportation system has been accelerated, more than 1million new energy vehicles have been promoted, and 170000 public charging piles have been built. A simple, moderate, green and low-carbon lifestyle has become a common practice. The action plan for the prevention and control of air pollution was fully implemented. Compared with 2012, in 2016, the proportion of clean energy consumption in China increased by about 5.2%, the proportion of coal consumption decreased by about 6.5%, and the energy consumption per unit of GDP decreased by about 17.9%. The establishment of a green and diversified energy supply system was accelerated. Compared with 2012, the installed share of renewable energy power generation increased from 28.4% to 34.6% in 2016, and the share of renewable energy power generation increased from 19.9% to 25.9%. Adhere to the clean development of fossil energy and actively promote the clean and efficient utilization of coal. By the end of 2016, the cumulative implementation of coal-fired power energy-saving transformation was about 460million kW, and ultra-low emission transformation was about 450million kW. The annual output of shale gas has leaped, and China has become the third country to realize the industrialized production of shale gas. The impetus for energy transformation and development is increasing. A new round of power system reform has been carried out in an all-round way, the establishment of trading institutions has been basically completed, the power generation and consumption plan and the power distribution business have been liberalized in an orderly manner, and the market is more dynamic. The overall plan for the reform of the oil and gas system was issued, and market-oriented reforms in many fields were accelerated. The reform of energy prices has been further strengthened, and the reform of transmission and distribution electricity prices has achieved full coverage of provincial electricity. In 2016, enterprises' electricity expenditure and gas consumption burden were reduced by nearly 130billion yuan and 100 billion yuan respectively. According to the strategic path of "three batches", the ability of independent innovation in key areas has been significantly improved

international cooperation in energy has been expanded in an all-round way. The "the Belt and Road" initiative has been solidly implemented, the pace of "going global" in energy equipment, technology, standards and services has been continuously accelerated, and the interconnection of energy networks has been continuously promoted. The construction of "hualong-1" nuclear power unit with independent intellectual property rights has started in Pakistan, and the nuclear power projects in Britain and Argentina have made positive progress. Major international energy conferences have been held in succession, which have continuously enhanced their leading role in global energy governance and further improved their influence and shaping power on international energy

basic characteristics of energy development in the new era

China's energy development has entered a new era, which means that energy has a more stable support for economic and social development, a more sustainable supply, and a lower carbon development era; It is an era that means comprehensively deepening energy reform, continuously releasing development vitality, and constantly providing new momentum for the establishment of a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient energy system; It is an era that means that energy will further move towards the world, international cooperation will be strengthened in an all-round way, energy diplomacy will become increasingly frequent, and national energy security will be strongly guaranteed; It is an era that means energy is developing more balanced and fully to meet the growing needs of people for a better life

the mode of energy development is facing profound changes. With the economic development and the progress of the times, the connotation of energy development is undergoing profound changes. Generally, it is mainly due to the high hardness of bars. For a long time in the past, China's energy development planning has been arranged under the situation of tight energy supply. The main keynote is to expand capacity, ensure supply and meet demand. Energy development is also presented around the "hard demand" of the people for energy. In the new era, with the shift of economic growth and power transformation, ensuring supply is no longer the focus and main contradiction of China's energy development, but the common goal of the energy industry is to work hard on how to improve the quality and efficiency of energy development, implement the development concept of innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing, and achieve a more comprehensive, quality, sustainable, balanced and sufficient development

green development has become the theme of energy development. As an important material basis for economic and social development, clean utilization and green development of energy are not only the yardstick to measure the level of social and ecological civilization, but also the inevitable requirement of building a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient energy system. Only by implementing the theme of green development can we improve the energy structure, ensure energy security, promote the construction of a more flexible civilization in such ways, and effectively solve the contradiction between the growing needs of people for a better life and unbalanced and insufficient development in the new era

the constraints of resources and environment on energy development have intensified. To achieve the goal of building a strong socialist country with Chinese characteristics in the new era, we not only need to provide a strong material driving force for energy development, but also put forward stricter requirements and higher standards of regulation and constraints on energy development. China has made a solemn commitment to the international community: China's carbon dioxide emissions will peak around 2030 and strive to peak as soon as possible, and the proportion of non fossil energy in primary energy consumption will reach about 20%. Achieve the goal of fundamental improvement of China's ecological environment by 2035 and the basic realization of the construction of "beautiful China", implement the strictest ecological environment protection system, and form strong constraints on the development of traditional energy industries such as coal. At present, the installed capacity of thermal power in China is 1.07 billion kw, of which coal-fired thermal power accounts for 92%. It is imperative to eliminate the backward production capacity of thermal power and accelerate the transformation and development of energy. At the same time, the per capita share of coal, oil and natural gas in China is only 67%, 5.4% and 7.5% of the world average. The contradiction between the low level of per capita energy resources and the increase in energy demand for future economic and social development will become increasingly prominent

people's energy demand has changed to multi-level and ecological. The changes of the main social contradictions will inevitably be reflected in all aspects of the people's demand for energy. In the new era, China will build a well-off society in an all-round way and achieve the "two centenary" goals. Focusing on this grand goal, the cascade demand of the people from "using energy" to "making good use of energy", "making good use of energy" and "using green energy" has become an important direction for the energy industry to serve the people's livelihood in the new era. The masses' requirements for the quality and quantity of energy supply will be raised at the same time, and the requirements for energy services will be more contemporary and realistic. All kinds of new contradictions and problems will appear in a concentrated manner. For example, with the increasing demand for energy, people's expectations for the ecological environment will also increase at the same time. Gas and electricity have become the trend, and the treatment of bulk coal has been comprehensively accelerated; With the full implementation of the Rural Revitalization Strategy and the priority development of agriculture and rural areas, the problem of clean heating in winter is becoming increasingly prominent in the north, and farmers' energy use will usher in revolutionary changes; The demand for electricity will be greater and greater, but the space for the development of coal power will be more and more limited, and so on. All these require the energy industry to provide more high-quality ecological energy products to meet the growing needs of the people for a beautiful ecological environment

the extroversion and openness of energy are further improved. China has become the world's largest energy producer and consumer. Its dependence on foreign oil has increased from 32% at the beginning of this century to 65% in 2016. It has surpassed the United States to become the world's largest crude oil importer. Energy development is inseparable from the world. Entering the new era, the door of China's opening to the outside world will be wider and wider, and the pace of energy further entering the world and developing a higher-level open economy will continue to accelerate. On the one hand, the reality of China's high dependence on foreign oil and the contradiction between economic and social development and the rapid growth of oil and gas demand urgently need to promote international energy cooperation; On the other hand, with the profound transformation of the process of globalization, China has continuously increased its voice in the world energy governance system and its ability to lead the world's energy development is improving. Especially with the further promotion of the "the Belt and Road" construction, the interconnection in the energy field will be comprehensively strengthened, and the pace of "going global" with energy equipment, technology, standards and services as the core will continue to accelerate, A higher-level energy open economy will bring new momentum to energy development in the new era

the reform of energy system and mechanism has been comprehensively deepened, and the energy market has been gradually liberalized. A new round of power system reform has been carried out in an all-round way, and key breakthroughs have been made, and the competitive power market has formed a scale. The oil and gas system reform plan was gradually implemented, and the structural reform on the energy supply side was further deepened. The reform of oil and gas exploration and exploitation, import and export, and management and operation has been vigorously promoted. We will fully implement the negative list system of market access, clean up and abolish various regulations and practices that hinder the establishment of a unified energy market and fair competition, and focus on the requirements of "breaking administrative monopoly, preventing market monopoly, accelerating the market-oriented reform of factors, relaxing the access restrictions of the service industry, and improving the market supervision system". The reform of "deregulation and service" in the energy sector will be comprehensively deepened, and the supervision system will be more streamlined, Energy regulation and service levels were further improved