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"Enthusiasm" packaging is popular in the international market

in recent years, with the further enhancement of environmental protection awareness, the market of new active packaging materials for "enthusiasm" packaging will further expand, and the international market will reach a capacity of 1billion US dollars this year

at present, all kinds of plastic materials used for food packaging are inert, but they can do nothing about the oxygen or other harmful gases left in the packaging due to the inclusion or packaging of food, so they are called passivepack aging. Positive packaging refers to the coordination between packaged food and the environment through packaging to produce the desired effect. Its role is to maintain the quality of light packaged food and hope to improve it. According to experts' analysis, the market prospect of this material is very broad

the breeding of microorganisms on the surface of food is the main cause of deterioration. Now anti microbial packaging materials are being developed. This kind of package can slow release an anti microbial breeding ingredient, which can greatly improve the storage life of food and improve the quality of food. Generally, the packaging containers should be disinfected before packaging. Now self sterilizing packaging has appeared. For example, nisin, which is being studied, is produced by lactococuslactis and coated on low-density polyethylene film with methyl cellulose as the carrier, which has a good antibacterial effect. Other antibacterial agents such as benzoic acid, sodium benzoate, sorbic acid, potassium sorbate and propionic acid have been studied, some of which have been applied in edible coatings

nowadays, there are more and more kinds of food, and the packaging must also adapt to it. Now there have been "systeminter integration" packaging products that use several packaging and processing technologies at the same time, such as packaging that can change the atmosphere environment and disinfect with a microwave oven (the electromechanical shell in the Mo washing machine mainly plays a role of fixed protection for the motor of the washing machine). This kind of food is disinfected by radiation in the packaging and can extend the storage period. Other new technologies of food processing and disinfection, such as high-pressure, ultrasonic and magnetic treatment, can be applied in packaging, and now research in this area is in progress

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