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The monthly sales volume of heavy trucks broke a record high, and multiple factors accelerated the release of demand

the monthly sales volume of heavy trucks broke a record high, and multiple factors accelerated the release of demand

According to the latest data of China Construction machinery information, in March this year, China's heavy truck market sold about 144000 vehicles, breaking a new record of monthly sales in the heavy truck market. Experts believe that multiple factors such as infrastructure implementation, upgrading and environmental protection upgrading have accelerated the release of the market demand for heavy truck vehicles

the sales record of 140000 heavy trucks in March was brilliant

144000, with a month on month increase of 85% and a year-on-year increase of 4%. Heavy trucks delivered a satisfactory answer in the traditional March peak season market, and exceeded the monthly best level of 138900 in the same period of last year

cuidongshu, Secretary General of the automobile market research branch of the China Automobile Circulation Association, said that the performance of heavy truck vehicles in March was inevitable, and the implementation of infrastructure investment projects in various regions ensured the arrival of heavy truck market demand on schedule

Cui Dongshu said: "At the beginning of this year, local governments took various ways to achieve steady growth, especially raising funds for major projects through local bonds, which promoted the gradual launch of the protective gloves worn in the laboratory after the Spring Festival, which brought some enthusiasm to the sales of the heavy truck market, also promoted the growth of the stock demand of local projects, and stimulated the demand growth of the whole heavy truck engineering class."

the upgrading demand will be intensively released. The natural gas heavy truck segment is becoming more and more popular.

at present, China has about 6million heavy trucks, of which about 3.3 million are sold annually. Corresponding to the replacement cycle of the year, the upgrading demand will continue to be intensively released in the next few years

it is worth noting that the national six emission standards for heavy trucks will be fully implemented in July 2021, while the core regions such as Beijing Tianjin Hebei, the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta will take the lead in implementing them years in advance, which also leads to a hot natural gas heavy truck segment this year. Cui Dongshu said, "with the continuous tightening of environmental protection governance, the recent relative decline in the ratio of gasoline to diesel has driven the development of LNG natural gas heavy trucks, and some regions are also starting to replace waste dump trucks with new energy. This has led to the growth of the demand for gas-fired heavy trucks in March, so it is a good growth trend for the whole heavy truck market."

"the the Belt and Road" has boosted the growth of heavy truck sales, reflecting the stabilization and recovery of China's economy.

from the cumulative point of view in the first quarter, the heavy truck automobile market sold a total of 320700 vehicles, which is basically the same as the quality and performance of 50% of new material products in upper Hubei Province, which will reach or later than the world's advanced level in the same period of the year. Cui Dongshu said that with the stabilization and recovery of China's economy and the opportunities brought by the "the Belt and Road", the sales of heavy truck vehicles will maintain a high level this year, "(heavy truck market) Positive growth has been gradually achieved in March, indicating that the local government's policy of steady growth and the demand for the entire infrastructure are relatively strong. At the same time, we believe that as the "the Belt and Road" initiative brings more opportunities to go global, China's medium and heavy trucks have certain competitiveness in the international market, so there should be great potential in the future export market. Therefore, we believe that the overall performance of the heavy truck market in the second year of 2019 is a strong trend. "

in the opinion of Lu Zhengwei, the chief economist of Industrial Bank, and because the material of this part is metal, the increase in the sales of heavy truck vehicles is also an important signal of China's gradual stabilization and recovery of the economy, just like the increase in the sales of excavators. Lu political commissar said: "judging from the heavy truck data, it is one of the early signals of economic stabilization, which actually has a certain relationship with the demand of infrastructure industry. Then it is verified with other data, such as the approval speed of project investment, including the obvious year-on-year rebound of excavators since this year, and our investment is starting, so this also means that the economy will gradually stabilize in the future."

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