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Yuehua's monthly sales volume of epoxy resin exceeded 2000 tons for the first time

Yuehua's monthly sales volume of epoxy resin exceeded 2000 tons for the first time

on April 18, 2002

good news came from Yuehua resin factory: in March, the sales volume of epoxy resin, the "fist" product of the factory, reached 2009 tons

for the first time, and exceeded 2000 tons for the first time, with the highest monthly sales in the past 30 years since the establishment of the factory

taking the "marketing year" as an opportunity, the factory strengthened the stable production of new and old devices, compared with other spraying methods, timely shifted the focus of production and operation

to invigorate the marketing work, and established a "big marketing" pattern. On the one hand, they strengthened market development, and the leaders of the factory led the marketing personnel to go deep into the market frontier, run users and capture information, comprehensively and strictly assess the trainees, grasp the market situation, comprehensively analyze the market situation of

products, fully estimate the adverse factors, clarify the emergency measures, and actively look for the key points to activate the

market; According to the expansion of production scale and the changes in the market, a new dealer

service group was established to centralize the management of middlemen, send 90% of the marketing personnel to the front line of marketing to develop new users, and directly

on the other hand, warehouse accessories were moved forward, and warehouses were rented at the forefront of the market in Fuzhou and Jinhua, Zhejiang Province, so that products were close to the market and radiated to the surrounding areas. Six new users were opened after connecting with computers, with a year-on-year increase of 35%

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