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Industry 4.0: the more successful the marketing output in history is, the lower the pattern of China's manufacturing industry will be; Will be lower

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industry 4.0 is the latest luxury debut of the German national will. The last impressive memory was the German Blitzkrieg during World War II, when German chariots were the export of the overall concept of war; This time, industry 4.0 is the most successful marketing output in industrial history. Its largest buyer is China. Just staring at German industry 4.0, the pattern of made in China 2025 will become smaller and smaller

the manufacturing industry has never been so lively in China's industrial history as in 2015. Few people in the market do not know industry 4.0, and no one in the stock market fund does not scramble to hype the concept of made in China 2025. And all major enterprises are working hard to demonstrate smart factories. Being able to take the smart factory as the landing plan of China's version of industry 4.0 has now become an honor respected by countless Chinese manufacturing enterprises. All kinds of ppts and articles are like foam flowing from the tap of a beer can. After emerging in endlessly and rising, unmanned factories, intelligent workshops, automatic logistics, C2B order production, online beds, etc. are all labeled as smart factories, moving towards a new well-off society in industry

however, even Germany admits that it will take 10-15 years to achieve industrial 4.0. Why do we spend all over the ground overnight, and there are 4.0 factories everywhere? What can we demonstrate, sophisticated CNC equipment, the latest version of cad/cae software, the most ambitious robot... Whether virtual design, virtual factory, assembly line or equipment, core components and software and hardware are all from abroad, are we going to prove that the demonstration factory is just a high-tech string puppet put together by mosaic

cps was invented by Americans, while Germans secretly changed this technical term into a sociological term. It has been affirmed by the two most important manufacturing countries in the world. The big cake of the demonstration project of the Ministry of industry and information technology has deeply stimulated the wonderful fantasy of domestic manufacturing enterprises. As a result, almost all enterprises have changed their CPS complex: they are embarrassed to say what the factory is doing without talking about industry 4.0; Without CPS, factories are not smart factories

so, what is the core of CPS? It is easy for everyone to reach a consensus only in concept. In the bipolar world of virtual and reality, the virtual world sees the operation of the physical level, and the physical world sees the consciousness of the virtual world. The network connects all the data, and the data has a new value. There is mud in the water, and there is water in the mud. In short, this is the core idea of CPS. The reality is that in any pole, whether in the design, simulation, process, virtual assembly of the virtual world, or process practice, equipment automation, production scheduling, data connectivity is far from being achieved, let alone integration. The confusion and pessimism of the front-line scene are obviously worse if they can be detected

there is no doubt that Siemens is the most active advocate of industry 4.0, or that it has led the process of 4.0. When Siemens vigorously manufactures and sells the concept of industry 4.0, it also vigorously recommends its Chengdu factory model in China. Because, in the whole system of industry 4.0, around the smart factory, it has successfully laid out in advance and buried three huge trenches, which cannot be exceeded

Siemens' three-tier layout in CPS

at the PLM level of the whole life cycle management, it provides software and services covering the whole drive technology; At the equipment level of real factories, Siemens' products cover frequency converters, motors, couplings and gearboxes; At the communication and information level, the fully integrated automation system includes various PLC, hmi/scada systems. Open the coat of industry 4.0, which is stuffed with noisy and impatient hardware, software and services

then the story of Germany and the CEOs of Germany came on stage. Robots KUKA and clos are guaranteed to win the world. The hydraulic and pneumatic system is looking for FESTO and Bosch (FESTO doesn't mention hydraulic components, but now people are talking about man-machine collaborative biological simulation system, which is a perfect match for Industry 4.0), and the logistics system is looking for Demag and still (these companies that used to do cranes and forklifts now all show their industry 4.0 logistics system); The infrastructure is still German. Take welding as an example. Germany is too powerful. The largest welding in the world is in Germany (by the way, the second largest welding exhibition is in China); The electromechanical drive system can adopt Lenzi, sensor truck and IFM; The reducer adopts ZF and Flander (sorry, Siemens has long purchased the world's second largest reducer equipment). Even Weibo, which makes security software, went to the "China Intelligent Manufacturing" forum in May 2015 to publicize the industrial network security of industry 4.0. Tear off the curtain of industry 4.0 behind you. This is just a software for document encryption

the forum of industry 4.0 suddenly became a high-level stage set up by the entire suppliers of German industry. On the stage, they said to the fanatical Chinese, forget the equipment, let's say industry 4.0; Then I stepped down to tell you that all the equipment in your factory had better use it

perfect, perfect! Under the concept of industry 4.0 and intelligent factory entity, German equipment, as a perfect integration, covers the world. After setting the main menu, what's the difference? Process CAPP preparation, oh, this matter, solve it by yourself; What plant facilities construction, routers, high-speed networks, hardware storage, OK, these are all Chinese people to solve

there has never been such a perfect layout that German industrial forces can appear on the international stage in such a neat and uniform manner. The last impressive historical memory was the German Blitz during World War II. However, at that time, the decisive significance of German chariots was not a refreshing change in tactical play, but a symbol that a country's view of war could be so effectively exported as a whole; Similarly, this time, fundamentally speaking, it is not a technical problem, but a mixture of industrial power and political will. Industry 4.0 is the latest luxury debut of German national will

stereoscopic warfare is the overall output of industrial power

carefully consider the connotation of industry 4.0, which is related to the great changes in German industrial thinking. Germany's industrial export has changed significantly since 2013. It was formerly German made, which emphasized that Germany made high-precision stand-alone equipment fought alone; Now it is factory by German, and the overall output is to use German factories to realize all manufacturing. German industry 4.0 strategy is like IKEA of the national team. It is the overall external strategy of a consortium under a brand. This is an output thinking of industrial technology, rather than a thinking of science and technology

industry 4.0 is the most successful marketing concept in industrial history, and its largest buyer is China. Besides, it has almost no market. In the United States, there is no market for Industry 4.0 at all. German football is great. The United States says we can also play football, but we play football and baseball. In short, we don't follow your rhythm. For the revitalization of industry, Americans have their own plans. Next time we will discuss it, Americans are playing a real big game. Ten years later, they will dump German industry by 4.0 blocks

Why do Germans need 10-15 years. Because the collective rehearsal of this program requires repeated running in. Change the situation of German companies acting independently. The so-called national strategy is that the state will direct the rehearsal of the whole program. Germany claims to invest 200million euros? This is too little. Any special project in China immediately kills the most developed country in manufacturing industry. What we can expect is strategy. In fact, this investment from Germany is only for rehearsals. What do you need so much money for rehearsing the program

what are the defects of German industry 4.0? It has a default proposition goal, so it pursues a grand and rigorous narrative format, just like the grandeur of the Roman palace. This structured layout limits its openness, inclusiveness and innovation in a fundamental sense. Many of the most basic construction Jinan gold assay wear-resistant friction testing machine is the most frequently used instrument in the tension machine series, and many problems such as materials, processes, new energy and so on cannot be included

industry 4.0 is a good story, but it is only a door to a reprocessable thermosetting photosensitive 3D printing material developed through a two-step polymerization strategy, which not only allows users to reshape a single world of 3D printing structures. Closely following industry 4.0 will make made in China enter a relatively narrow space: thinking more and more concrete, and the pattern is lower and lower

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