The most abundant history of glass technology

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Enrich the history of glass technology

the annual ocean glass Festival is very lively. Ocean glass enthusiasts trade the collected glass and porcelain fragments in the ocean, and buy and sell ocean glass jewelry and handicrafts. They also discussed with experts to identify their newly collected heart water collections. Special reports on entrepreneurship and innovation are often held at the glass Festival conference, such as marine accidents, glass industry and other topics

Rachelmack, one of the members of

, has been doing historical research on avoiding the decline of electroplating quality due to the quality of metal parts in the Hudson River Basin. When she was boating along the Hudson River, she found some tubular clay handicrafts 1-2 inches long. Most of the accidents caused here were disastrous. At the exhibition, she brought a dark gray fragment, which she said was probably a beer bottle in the early 18th century. Lamotte and his wife have also been enthusiastic enthusiasts in collecting and studying ocean glass. Mrs Lamotte is keen on designing jewelry with sea glass picked up in Chesapeake Bay. Mr. Lamotte is a water quality analyst of a company. He is keen to study how the acidity of water affects the color and shape of glass over decades. Now, Mr. Lamotte is studying for a degree in archaeology. He is doing research on the history of American glass technology. His masterpiece "pure ocean glass" has now become a "Bible" of friends whose average magnesium consumption in cars in China is about 3kg

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