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The function of accurate identification comes from "pick and place" (pick

Germany Engelhard technologie is a world-renowned manufacturer of oil smoke filters for the automotive industry. The company effectively improves the production efficiency of the assembly line by using connex's in sight visual sensor.

Engelhard technologie's factory in nienburg uses robots to produce parts. In order to optimize the production process of oil smoke filters used in the automotive industry, the company adopts Following the advice of its robotics supplier Staubli, it decided to use the vision system of the world-renowned Cognex, which was deployed in December last year. Due to the efficient deployment environment of in sight ex plorer, this vision guided robot "pick and place" solution was successfully deployed in less than four weeks

the accuracy of the vision system effectively improves the efficiency of the robot application environment. After calcination, the ceramic filter will be automatically transported to the robot workshop by the conveyor belt. There is little difference between different lampblack filter products, which needs to be handled reliably by the visual system

the in sight 5100 vision sensor deployed in the robot workshop must recognize the individual shapes of 25 different filter products and determine their precise positions. The data about the product angle provided by the in sight 5100 to the robot must be accurate, because the reading of the two-dimensional code is carried out at the same production point. A major advantage of this application environment is that the in sight vision system integrates the vision tools of Pat MAX software. These tools have the function of geometric pattern recognition, and their target accuracy reaches 99.9%. The accurate data provided by in sight vision sensor about the product location pilot landing on the full moon effectively leads to one of the difficulties in the implementation of fuel cells is to guide robots, which can place the selected ceramic filter on the conveyor belt and then transport it to the packaging workshop for product packaging

fast and flexible configuration

Thomas Wente of Engelhard technologie is responsible for the implementation of this project. He said, "we think it is very important to implement the project quickly and reliably, but we also hope that we can easily make necessary changes to the process." The in sight vision system is easy to configure, install and deploy, which can not only speed up the implementation of the project, ----- Cai Hengzhi, Secretary General of the injection molding special committee of Guangdong Plastic Association, but also make the project more flexible and improve the system's rapid response ability to changes made in any aspect of the production process

use the vision system to detect the color

the vision system of Cognex can also effectively assist in completing additional control tasks, such as packaging lampblack filters. The company uses in-sight5100c color visual transmission. Pipes made of thermoplastic materials or glass fiber reinforced plastics are generally used to deliver water or vapor sensors to verify whether there is a green quality label on each filter, and to determine whether products in line with the specified quantity are placed in the packaging box. The system continuously detects the quantity of packaged products and compares it with the actual production quantity, so that the quantity of products removed and lost can be determined. Cognex experts came to the production workshop to provide corresponding technical support, so that the control project was successfully deployed in two days, which once again proved the advantage of a simple operation interface

development environment with upgraded performance

from the beginning, the company considered a variety of application environments in the process of deploying the vision system for the pipeline. The windows based working platform is easy to use, which not only saves time, but also enables the solution to be applied to special application environments, reflecting the efficient performance of the system. In the in sight Explorer development environment, the system can start and operate quickly, thus saving the initial installation time and cost. The company's employees quickly mastered the use of in sight explorer, which not only reduced the development time of the visual system, but also laid the foundation for improving the functional flexibility of the system and integrating it into the company's production network. The company has integrated another set of in sight ex plorer in the existing robot workshop, and plans to install two sets of vision sensor systems in the second and latest robot workshops

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