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Accurate, durable and safe - fluke helps you achieve your mission

fluke company was founded in 948, with a short-term focus on stability as a whole. Its headquarters are located in Everett, Seattle, Washington, USA. its production plants are distributed in the United States, Europe and other places, and its sales and service agencies are located in more than 100 countries around the world. There are about 2400 employees

for many years, fluke has provided high-quality testing and maintenance instruments and tools for various industrial fields. From the installation and debugging of industrial control system to the calibration and maintenance of process instruments, from laboratory precision measurement to computer network fault diagnosis, fluke products help businesses in all walks of life operate normally. Whether technicians, engineers, scientific researchers, teaching personnel and computer network maintenance personnel, they have expanded their personal ability and completed their work better through ferro, a high-precision and high-performance environmental experimental equipment; At the same time, it also gives fluke the best reputation and trust

fluke114 multimeter (more suitable for basic electrical testing, breaking through the traditional installation service mode)

compact true RMS instrument, used for electrical troubleshooting. Fluke114 is a troubleshooting tool for testing to determine "pass/fail". It includes a performance that can prevent reading errors caused by stray voltages

fluke117c multimeter (more suitable for electrical technicians)

compact true RMS digital multimeter is more suitable for professional electrical workers. Fluke117c is also an ideal instrument that can be used in commercial buildings, hospitals and schools with harsh environment. 117c includes (2) if there is a long period of time after the experiment without using the machine, non-contact voltage detection can help to complete the measurement work faster

as the leader of electronic testing instruments and tools, fluke company maintains the first or second leading position in the field it is involved in. Fluke products are also famous for their compact, precise, durable, safe, simple and rigorous quality standards, and thus become the first choice for all professional maintenance personnel

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