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Boscon 3D optical cutting sensor can intelligently measure the thickness of plate and rubber belt

in the process of part detection, the measurement of edge position, object width or gap width is a very important task along the "Silk Road Economic Belt". With the innovative poscon 3D optical cutting sensor, bormeng provides a very simple and cost-effective solution, which can replace the complex laser measurement system. This intelligent contour sensor adopts the measurement principle of light cutting method and has been pre configured before leaving the factory. It can easily complete complex measurement tasks, and object detection is not affected by object color, shape and surface quality. Compared with the common installation method, poscon sensor can be installed at an angle of up to 30 without reflector. In this way, the optimal installation can be achieved even in a narrow space

use poscon 3D to intelligently measure the edge position of black rubber plate

poscon 3D is widely used in daily industrial applications. For example, in the quality control of the feeding process, poscon 3D can effectively measure the thickness of plates. Even in the process of rapid transportation, the sensor can automatically and reliably complete the comparison with the tolerance threshold, so that the plates that do not meet the specifications can be immediately detected and removed, so as to avoid expensive rework and even late replacement of defective products. The direct single and double sheet recognition function can ensure that the production pause of the plate can be reduced during further processing, and prevent damage to the processing tools

with its special algorithm, poscon 3D can also accurately measure the dark black surface made of materials with very strong light absorption characteristics, such as a small but constant air gap between the rubber magnet and the operating self-supporting static load system. Therefore, poscon 3D has become an ideal detection equipment in the field of tire industry. For example, the tolerance check of black steel rubber belt is one of the application fields of poscon 3D. Without any complex programming, poscon 3D can realize efficient measurement and immediately evaluate the measurement results, so that the products can quickly enter the subsequent processing links

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