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Introduction to CPP film production process

cpp process generally adopts T-shaped die method. The characteristics of this method are as follows: (1) the flat film method omits the film blowing stage of the tube film method, which is easy to start, with less waste and linear high molecular chain slippage; (2) In the production of flat film method, PP molecules are arranged orderly, which is conducive to improving the transparency, gloss and thickness uniformity of the film, and is suitable for advanced packaging; (3) There is a special retention groove in the flat film, which can be integrated with the die gap and can be adjusted conveniently

see Table 1 for the comparison of film production by blow molding and tape casting

project blow molding casting method equipment cost is cheap and expensive, production speed is low, high film transparency - Food and beverage packaging will be the largest biodegradable plastic main utilization field, like thick and thin tolerance. In a broad sense, it is necessary to have effective cooling facilities, small directivity, small material loss, when changing machine head, there is loss of edge material, cutting loss, and others should be open. It can only be packed manually, sealed on the side, and can be packed automatically

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