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Accurate small and medium-sized perfect packaging equipment

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core tip: lose interest in cooking synthetic spices, more and more customers have increasing demand for agricultural products grown in the UK, resulting in the world's leading supplier of fresh vanilla materials purchasing equipment from Ulma Packaging Co., Ltd., which has met the surge in production

[China Packaging News] lost interest in cooking synthetic spices, and more and more customers have an increasing demand for agricultural products grown in the UK. As a result, the world's leading supplier of fresh vanilla materials has purchased equipment from Ulma Packaging Co., Ltd. to meet the surge in production

with the prevalence of fresh vanilla materials, families strive to form the development driving force to promote the use of new materials in the market, and the R gherbs business is expanding rapidly. In order to meet the demand, the company purchased customized Sienna bottom reel flow packagers from Ulma to pack all kinds of spices supplied to supermarkets, major restaurants, wholesalers and customers in the food service industry

r gherbs, relying on Waitrose and ocado in the customer group, specifies a powerful packaging scheme, which can accurately package vanilla packaging boxes of different sizes, such as rosemary and leek, and quickly minimize downtime

after successful cooperation with the R gherbs team, the horizontal flow packer supplied by Ulma is equipped with euro slots to pack vanilla materials into bundles with printed films. In addition, it is equipped with Markem thermal encoder and Herma labeling machine

Jasonweb, the production manager of

r gherbs', is familiar with Ulma's recognized reliability and innovative technology production. He said that the existing equipment in the factory packs 65 packages per minute and saves costs in many aspects, such as speed and reducing manual changes

he added: "we need mobile packaging machines to help meet the high demand for spices. By contrast, we not only bought the good quality of the machines from Ulma, but also the after-sales service is very good - I am impeccable with them."

it can be used in flow packaging, shrink packaging and irregular shaped products packaged with polypropylene or polyolefin film. Sienna is very suitable. The interaction of these two magnetic fields will produce a strain pulse fresh agricultural products. It is equipped with a touch screen with a variety of product memories, which means that the conversion can be carried out quickly and simply by pressing a button. In addition, this machine benefits from the "no product, no package" and "misplaced product detection" systems. It should run under clean printing film

the carton movement type on the sealing station is provided with 400mm wide pliers. The sealing head is equipped with an independent servo motor, which makes it more flexible and optimizes the production cycle to produce the minimum packaging length in the shortest time

retailers require suppliers of fresh agricultural products industry not only to have appropriate packaging systems to protect the integrity of goods and provide excellent packages for display in many cases, but also to speed up their time to the store and extend their shelf life, which Ulma can provide

ulma is a major supplier of mobile packaging equipment and automated whole lines for the food industry, from spices, vegetables and fruits to bread rolls, cereal bars, cookies, cakes, breakfasts and snacks. It provides product processing and grouping packaging, cartoning, cartoning and wooden cartons at both small and medium-sized operation and mass production levels

innovative mobile packaging technology - backed by complete accessories and service support - provides fresh agricultural product suppliers with efficient and high-yield equipment to meet the growing demand from retail speed to market

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